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A new game (kind of a spin-off) came out last year, nobody noticed it.

I'm afraid we'll never see another Overlord.

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Weird choice of games, Bethesda stuff (besides Morrowind) doesn't really showcase much in terms of evolution. It would be nice to see a good video on this topic, I bet there are some out there o.o

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True or not it doesn't matter.

Of course Fallout 5 will eventually come out, so who cares whether they started today or they'll start two years from now?

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I bet if Blood and Wine was also released as a stand alone game, it would be a serious contender for 2016 GOTY.

Judging by the first expansion, which puts to shame many full price releases.

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I feel so bad for this game, terrible timing. Overwatch will overshadow it, regardless of its quality :(

EDIT: Overwatch public beta releases the SAME day as Battleborn.

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I don't understand why he's so concerned about the potential issues related to on-line communities.
It's 2016, we get it.

That said, Blizzard transparency is always welcome (and sadly rather unique).

It's also quite funny how much a game almost nobody has played is being covered.

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Absolutely pointless. Was in the beta, it looks too similar to the juggernaut Overwatch to succeed.

At least Paragon looks different, then there is Paladins from the creators of Smite.
I don't see a MOBA succeeding if the developers don't have either a track record for competitive games, or something truly unique.

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They would've had even more disappointed people otherwise...

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Can PC do everything a console can?
Of course.

Can it do it even better?

Does pc have exclusives? Yep.

If consoles didin't have some exclusives (I still try to buy every platform), they would be totally pointless.

And console simplicity DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. If you aren't a moron you can learn to use a pc.

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I tried it while I was playing The Talos Principle. This game seemed a joke compared to it, I'll try again in a few weeks (Steam refunds saved me)...

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Basically the game looks awful, the dev team is awful and you're floored it's getting good reviews.

Yet you haven't played it.


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An what?

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The fact that this season pass has "special monthly benefits including exclusive content drops and special events" means they are fragmenting the player base from the get go.

How is that a good business decision for an MMO(not entirely, but that's where the meat of the game is)?

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I love the game but I found the physics lacking.
Literally, if you shoot at the bin bags (and the streets are full of them) nothing happens.

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Looks like the closest thing we'll get from a Bulletstorm sequel.

I'll take it.

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I would be happy if it came out in October, also in a new stand alone package (thinking about the sales they could make to the crazy people who haven't played it yet).

Personally I hope it arrives as late as possible, I'll be sad when I complete it, knowing there won't be more Geralt for a long time.

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What's the point of this article?
This is the beta weekend (which might as well be open beta for all the keys they've given), play it and tell us about your experience.

You can just play it, no need to "guess" what it will be.

P.S. (I'm among the sceptics by the way).

And I understand you're posting today because everyone is looking for info about the game, but it would've made more sense a few weeks ago...

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The beta was pretty fun, but I don't honestly see this going anywhere, it's too similar to Overwatch and regardless of quality and reviews, we all know which one will be successful.

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My most anticipated 2016 game.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

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