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Natal FTMFW!

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dont think anyone expected real AI except for the idiot dumbasses with no common sense.

if the shoe fits eh troll?

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Stop trying so hard you fvckin walking retard to downplay this game and pump up that kids game.

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There is no Fable 2 even on the radar for PC. Nobody has said anything about it so as of now it does not exist. How would anyone know if it will support mods?

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"has scored better than Fable 2 and is also a much better game."

Opinion is a funny thing, everyones can be different. But trying to pass it off as fact to everyone is just plain stupid.

I would pay and play Fable 2 over LBP even if someone gave me a copy so speak for yourself!

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Did I miss a PC release of this game?

Oh wait, I didn't because there hasn't been one.

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Welcome to the double-standard N4G site. Nobody here the site, the people have any credibility so just read, laugh, act like a child and enjoy the essence of N4G where sh!t come to float.

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There are plenty of excellent games on XBLA pwnsauce what are you talking about?

Do I have to list them all with scores?

There is a file size limit because they need to be able to fit on memcards. As games like Braid, Geo Wars, etc have proven you can make great games within the specified space.

"if you are a true gamer and not a fanboy, you should agree with my statement."

As if you are a true gamer! Give me a break ps3 boy....

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No, this is the way for the mental fvcktards that own a PS3 and this horrible POS website ripten to get hits and attention.

When you are losing to everyone you will take whatever you can get.

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"PSN has no Lag,Xbox Live has Lag
It's that simple"

And you are a liar. Just like all PS3 droids on this site.

Liars with inferiority complexes hating the fact that the PS3 is the joke of this gen just like its mentally retarded user base.


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Have you smoked so many doobies that you don't even realize what your typing anymore? How you made that connection is beyond me. Figures youre just a droid who didn't read the story and is just commenting nonsense.

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Are Xbox Originals not full games?

@below: My point is XBL has already been doing full game releases for a long time. So while there may be a limit on size for XBLA games it does not mean the service is uncapable or that it is "outshined by psn".

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You've played them all?

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Traditionally JRPG's never score high. The 360 has GREAT JRPGs. I am guessing you have probably played none of them.

This submission is sh*t at best. It links to Metacritic which has 2 scores not even registered yet and the submitter is here commenting that this is the best JRPG this gen! What a laugh!

Then he goes on to say that WKC is also a top JRPG this gen and you S4NDM4N have never even played the game!

You PS3 droids overhype everything!...

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1.5 go easy on them they may not be able to take in that much reality at one time.

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