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"Next gen?" Why is this term still being used. Ps6 and Xbox series Y hasn't been announced yet.

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I have to be concerned when the only people/entities excited for the metaverse are multi-billion dollar companies. This metaverse stuff seems fishy..

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This just in! Insomniac needs Crystal Dynamics to save upcoming Wolverine.

Spin it how you want I don't think this is a good sign.

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If you see one, yes. Absolutely.

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I agree, played for a few hours.. was alright- it's a shooter. I played through dishonored 1. I don't understand the hype. I am not saying it's a bad game but it didn't seem genre redefining in anyway.

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I'm sure there are A LOT of Stevens out there that need to change their name too...

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Crazy sales..

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Good- fixes are welcome. Can't wait to play!

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I feel like every publisher having their own conference over the passed few years didn't help.

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I'll hold off.. too hard to find a replacement if it bricks the system.

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I agree, especially with moderately rated games good or bad- if you are willing to wake 3-4 weeks it usually goes on sale.. *looking at you Ubisoft!

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I'm having fun with it on ps5, considering there isn't much else to play it works for me.

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Ps now..

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I still value trading games in.. traded in miles morales after platinum got 32$ back.. gonna make up the 100$ difference pretty quick over the life of my console and then some.

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despite it being 6/10 I may give it a try when it goes on a good sale one day. maybe a good weekend time burn.

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Outside of the UI and small indie games I don't buy that **either of these consoles will do 8k without significant reduction of graphical fidelity. Same for 4k 120 fps.. I think we will be lucky to keep getting 4k 60.

It's all marketing speak- technically it can be done, but only enough to put it on the box.

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I've never played persona.. I will probably give it a go.

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well.. I am glad I got the disc based system..

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Just went to GameStop and they said they went live with theirs yesterday...

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They want to go the Netflix route and charge you 15$ a month..

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