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I've been activity on n4g for the last half a year and this website is the most toxic fanboy riddled garbage I've ever been apart of. At least on other forums, the mods will do a half decent job and there is usually a safe haven for xbox fans to some extent. On here it's pathetic, and sad af attempt at moderation.

Fuck N4G, fuck the Mods, Fuck Chris, and fuck anyone who adds to the toxicity of this website.

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Good on Sony.

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Sony fans are so fucking condescending it's unbelievable. Hey n4g mods, if you ever wondered why your xbox fan base is dead here? This is a perfect example why!

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Isn't reacting to the criticism learning something? At least when they have been meet with criticism, they respond to it with change instead of being hardheaded. "But they should know better!" Probably, but at least they listen.

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From the Monster website: "Users who scan all 3 Snapchat codes each month will unlock an exclusive in-game weapon coating." Aka unlock weapon skins.

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The only thing I was wrong about was Xbox live gold going free which was more of me being hopeful than anything. Go ahead and tell me what else I've been wrong about. It doesn't take a geniuses to know there won't be any more exclusive launch title announcements for either console at this point. Nobody has brought up one source to back up their launch title exclusive claim. Please, I'm waiting.

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Use my head lol. That's ironic. I'm well aware Sony has games they haven't announced yet for next year and after, but anything for this launch, we already know about it. How often do companies announces launch games this late into the year? If Sony announces any new games this year, they won't be launch titles. Sorry to crush your dreams.

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I'm more than happy to be wrong. There were also rumors of the August State of Play announcing new exclusive(s) but that never happened. If Sony announces a ps5 version of TLOU2 or GoT, I can see those possibly being at launch. As far as new exclusives? Nah. What is the rumored game? Maybe a new psvr game, but no heavy hitters.

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If there were any other exclusive launch games for the ps5, we would know about by now.

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Yes, let me be angry about something that won't happen. Oh Phil how could you even consider such a thing(even though any company would), screw you Xbox? Are you happy now?

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Any publisher would at least consider the idea. Is Cyberpunks multiplayer being added after launch? Didn't GTA5 and RDR2 launch without multiplayer? TLOU2 cut their multiplayer mode and will probably add it at a later date.
Sorry, but this being blown this out of proportion. They didn't actually do it, and I would have been pissed if they did, but they didn't. So guess what? Who the fuck cares. Life's too short to be upset about shit that never will happen.

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Criticism is warranted for certain topics, but you can't tell me people aren't blowing this "xbox is doomed at launch" narrative out of proportion. This is not even close to being as bad as the Xbox one debacle.

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First of all, the idea of delaying the console is such a bad idea, and something that should never be considered unless something is wrong with the actual console. 1 single game, no matter how important, is never a good reason to delay a console. There is a set amount of games to release at launch along with games planned to release after launch. This would only cause more harm if they delayed the console.
There will be like what, 50 new games launching with the console, and over 40...

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So they kicked around the idea of releasing the game in pieces and they decided it would be best not to do it yet some are dragging this around like they did it. "Omg how could Xbox consider such a thing!" This site never fails to make me laugh.

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Phil already stated, if Halo Inifinite gets delayed, we are not changing our plans for launch. There are other games launching on the Series X this year, and delaying the console would only cause more harm than good.

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The more platforms the better. Bring it to Xbox and Switch.

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I would not say they got away from it. If MCC didn't launch in the broken state it was, easily a 90+ meta game. Halo 2 anniversary and the campaigns being in a playable state saved it from getting bad reviews across the board. 343i can't launch with another game missing features and having any large technical
issues at launch.

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It sucks not having the game ready for launch, but it would be much worse if they launched with a broken Halo game. Absolutely right call.

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A discless ps5 is not going to be $100 cheaper than the disc version. Disc drives don't cost that much. $50 max, or they might even be the same price if Sony wants to maximize profit.
If series X and ps5 both release at $499($450 for discless), a $299 system is a great price. If they make it cheaper, even better.

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