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You got right. Layoffs never be a good thing in any industry and it's not a good situation to be confronted for any kind of employees, cause they have family to feed as well ( like everyone). But if someone enjoying their self about that it's a very bad thing and a heartless attitude because the developers are human.

Sometimes loosing a job can make someone being depressed, making suicide, loosing his wife , loosing his house and many more.

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A full remake of the trilogy of resistance would be dope ! Or The 3 socoms or the 3 kill zone. Playstation have too much IP's for that .A blood borne remake could be a better choice than the last of us:part 2 remaster.

A remake of the 3 infamous or the the 3 first jak and daxter, there's so much raw diamonds in the playstation mine to exploit. I don't understand why sony not exploit all those ip's the way it should.
We gamers it's all we want a...

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He will be goty

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