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KILLZONE 4 , more likely cancelled .
not worth making it.
not much bought the game .
lol, so called halo killer, killed itself.

orange eyed nazi's fighting in factories dont appeal to many . even sony fans

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i'm pretty sure its gonna be master chief with the sword and hammer or marcus fenix with the chainsaw !!!

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with only 256mb ram , uhm , no !!

its already overdiew

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i played the pc leaked version . then i tried the 360 version couple of days ago .
i turned it off and stopped playing .
i am now waiting for proper pc version to release . i cant believe how dated these 2 consoles look now . i still think cod4 looks better .
i also played killzone 3 on ps3 , and i'm sorry but killzone 3 does look better than crysis 2 on consoles .
i also played homefront online , and that game's graphics are atrocious, and look 2-bit...

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multiplayer is really awesome .
death animation is cool too .
but graphics are pretty poor , only about 3 colors :

red , green and brown .

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respawn will kill cod

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agreed , it looks freaking awesome . there is a lot of trolling from fanboys ps3 (comparing it to killzone) and the pc community (which are so pissed about the demo and beta not being on the pc for stress testing).

the game looks awesome .
people complaining it is boring are weird , do they know its a first person shooter ? what do they want a soccer ball to kick around or a car to drive ?
there are alot of trolls , angry ones too . the same trolls are on the ...

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fanboyism to a new level .
this article is rediculous.
an article about 0.1 of a score
are you freakin serious !
today is an embarassing day to be a "gamer"

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its funny before the ps3 got hacked

"ps3 , will never get hacked, ps3 is a beast , ps3 puts hackers to shame , it makes hackers quit hacking , power of the cell !!!"

all these and more quotes from the fanboys. and after it gets hacked to such a state worse than a wii and psp, the mode of these fanboys changed.

"go get em sony , tos , sue there ass for hacking the ps3 , geohot is going to jail ,its illegal to hack the ps3 , lets ge...

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but now some massive games will be hacked .

uncharted 3


killzone 3

little big planet 2

etc ............

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there are numerous issues with gt5 . from the navigation to the
200 proper cars
to the
800 half assed ps1 cars
to the
car sounds as a kitchen blender
to the
unlocking of damage at a certain level ,just like a rpg
to the
game to the bumper car physics .
to the
unplayability of the game with a clutch because kaza said it was cheating to quick change gears (wah???)
do you want me to go on ???

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violent in the sense that if you say anything bad no matter how true it may be about the ps3 or its games , their heart will be cut so much , as if you murdered their mother.

so sad

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this is the type to beware of .
total sarcasm , smart ass comments.
dont fall for them .
try the game out your self.

p.s. those ps3 fanboys also love the disagree/agree buttons , its as if they get high from it

here is another, down below :

| | | | |
v v v v

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my 2 friends both couldn't wait for gt5 , now , about 1 month later they are selling not only gt5 , but the whole ps3 console.

one of them commented after using gt5 with the porsche fanatec wheel and trying to quick change using clutch . the car didnt go into gear , and repeatedly trying again and again he said
"i am sick of this shit".
he then tried the same wheel with forza 3 and they were amazed on how good the clutch works with forza 3,

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"drop and give me 20" lol

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i thought it was "dragon balls" lol

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rrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiddddggggeee rrraaaccceeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

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do you think SONY is laughing more or crying more after this news .
cheaper models of the jailbreak for the masses incoming.

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but they still did make atleast about $1,000,000 dollars.
and thats in a couple days .

this is even worse for sony , the 2nd version of the ps-jailbreak is gonna sell for about $40.00 instead of $150.00 .
which means more people gonna have them , which in turn means even less game sales .
i dont know why the sony lovers are laughing , sony is gonna get hit twice as much now.

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