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It chugs a bit at parts of Hogwarts but in the open world it's been mainly stable for me in fidelity RT. Even then it's really only two areas where I've seen it struggle a bit.

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EA - they have their own service and that's included in Game Pass. Day one? Not so much but they do offer trials on most games day one, so kinda.

Ubisoft - they do put stuff on their service.

Capcom not putting stuff day one yet we just got Monster Hunter. Go figure.

Even Squenix have tested the water with a lot of day one releases.

Activision just see £/$ signs but yeah, ...

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Wipeout Omega with VR was excellent but those undulating tracks and the drifting made me queasy as hell!

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I love it when people say the combat wasn't that good but praise GoW when that reboot has combat that at its base level, is pretty much identical. Sure it has some extra bells and whistles but it's rooted in attack>dodge>attack>p arry>repeat

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You mean the DMC reboot that was actually pretty good gameplay wise, but the "fans" hated it cos it wasn't the same old Dante? Capcom let them make it and were clearly happy with the direction it was headed. NT didn't just wake up one day and say "hey, let's make something using someone else's IP. I'm sure they won't mind". Someone at Capcom must have been happy with the pitch otherwise it would never have been made.

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That would have been Eternal Sonata. A very underappreciated RPG at the time. Well, I enjoyed it anyway...

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Potentially is the key word in your argument. What games outwith CoD, Diablo and I believe Crash have new games in development? If a game is not in active development and there are no future plans to release more titles from these IPs is anything being taken away? MS could bring some of these IPs back from the grave. Highly doubtful, but it's possible.

What if MS get them working on new IPs? Is that not allowed because we should assume t...

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I hate the reply system on here 😂

Anyways @shinoff2183

Yeah some people will only play Game Pass stuff but if that's giving them everything they need then what's the problem? I know plenty of people who only rented games when Blockbuster was about cos it was the most affordable option and taking a risk on a potentially bad game just wasn't worth it.

There's also the chance they're trying games they might norm...

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Thing is though, most don't want to see Sony or the PS brand die but they do want to see some of the arrogance and ego kicked out of a few people. It's just point scoring in a game that doesn't keep score except in the mind of nutters who make false equivalencies.

It's like fans of a sports team who've won every domestic trophy for a decade finally getting some competition and not liking that their dominance is being challenged. Scottish football is a gr...

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How would a company moving from 5% ownership of a market, to 20% of a market put them in a position where they dictate the prices of 100% of the market? This isn't even remotely equivalent or accurate. Make it make sense...

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Aye this arguement is boring as fuck now cos it's far from the truth. There are a lot of folk who don't buy stuff cos it's on Game Pass, that much I can agree on, but it isn't everyone. Probably not even the majority. And to act all high and mighty about buying games and supporting the Devs when they'll happily pay for PS+ and take their freebies is hilarious.

People are great at finding confirmation for their biases but it drives me insane that they wo...

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RPG fans - yes they absolutely are fans. JRPGs though - yeah there's a lot less but there are still folk out there who like the genre. If Xbox players don't like RPGs in general as you suggest, MS just wasted a shit load of money on some pretty big RPG devs...

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I've been enjoying the metroidvania
meets Doom style combat encounters so far. It is getting a bit samey though after a few bounties but it's made me laugh a few times.

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And for a cheaper price as well, initial hardware cost excluded obviously. Sony putting their exclusives on PC at a £/$20 feels like a slap in the face for current owners. Not that it's just Sony mind, lots of others offer their stuff cheaper. Plus there's actually a choice of marketplace with varying prices. CDKeys has been great as is GOG.

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Evil West, High on Life and Gungrave - all apparently poor but the most fun I've had for a while cos they're unpretentious a d don't outstay their welcome.

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If my business was only making $300m+ a month from renting games I'd be shutting it down asap. What a failure...

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PS5 was and continues to be available at places like shopto.net


There have been constraints but they have had availability for over two weeks. The same goes for GAME where all their bundles are still available.

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Yeah except they didn't stop selling it 2 years ago. They estimated they would manufacture another 1m units in 2022 due to PS5 shortages.

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Did you read the article cos there's a lot more mentioned than just PS 1st party? It's unfortunate that it's mainly some parts of the PS community that do over use it but I see it everywhere right now and the word is losing all meaning.

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Aye that seems more like a call back to the arcades can't remember what game it was but I remember something similar in the 90's. This looks fun though.

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