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its 'artciles' like like this, that cannot forecast growth.
Microsoft are cementing two eco-systems, to probably merge them in the future.
They are finding more than one way into the market and potentially PC could be entering the living room.

Who knows, but Microsoft are increasing game sales

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@lulz_boat - NO 4k gaming on the consoles.
They wont be able to process 4k textures either, 1080p with high frame rate is what they are targeted for.

PC gaming is running 4k with massively powerful rigs, its not ready for the consumer yet due to its massive price.

Multimedia (i.e films, tv shows) are fine, but there is very little in 4k, so not much point

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ive been playing on PC, i have a i7-4770k & gtx 980 Ti, and on aquarium I get massive frame drops.
Its just a rushed game as usual.
Its the first COD ive purchased since BO1, but Ill take another long break from COD post this game.

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If you die playing that search and destroy game type its painfully boring.
I think the game speed is a little slow, but nothing wrong with that.

And the corner camping gets annoying..
But oh wells, ill enjoy the beta but probably not buy the game.
Other games out around that time

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guys dx12 is already released and built into Win 10..
BUT 0 games have used it, partly because many games have yet to integrate dx12 (if already released) -so some work might be happening.

And other games are going to release later this year or next year.
The new hitman game is going to use dx12 if Im not mistaken, and I believe EA have it in frostbite (not sure if that includes battlefront).

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this is very subjective, because Ive been playing blops beta on pc for a few days..
And Im not sure the site has used high settings..
With everything on high there is more detail, but who cares.
COD isnt really about graphics - to be honest, the graphics in this game are quite average compared to many other games.

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i was in the preview program, worked with all games including knights of the old republic 2.
Upgraded my main PC for it, all is well.
The only annoying thing is the nvidia drivers that were forced, i just disabled auto updates for drivers and rolled back.
Everything is fine.

The difference with this OS - a lot of user feedback was used.

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umm the odd thing is the ceo of take two said the DLC was heists.. even though it was promised with the release of the game like 2 years ago..

Anyway - they might be doing it, who knows.
We do still get some DLC from time to time.

Hopefully they do, but they have made mad money and prolly dont care.

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guys use cdkeys/g2a or something similar for cheaper digital games.
Basically ubisoft have admitted its price fixing, simple as that.
Imagine the overheads for physical, printing the disc (inc buying discs), transport etc.. WTF
Why dont they just admit that!?

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its been ages since I commented, The difference is with Sony's way of doing the compatibility, I wonder if a user will have to rent/pay for the older game?
Whereas with xbox if you have it on disc just load it up (assuming its supported)

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uhh @darklordmalik that magic technology is called scaling.
When more resources are required they get taken from a big pool.

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@cobra951 - if only you knew how Non Disclosure agreements worked LOOOL.
Its in the name for goodness sake.

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Rift needs massive GPU horse power though, the developers at my office ordered one, we tried to play some games on it and 1 gtx 980 could barely hold an stable framerate.
980s in SLI worked very smoothly, but the oculus itself is low resolution also.
We pushed it to 900p on gta v

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@4show you talk like you have experience?
Stop the trolling, this can be good for windows updates, office updates and other software written in the same language.

@Septic - So what if the patch is applied midgame, since battlefield wont apply it to your game until its over.
A lot of people complain about the rcp90, if something is too OP why would they not want to nerf it?
Its common sense.

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its hard to say she can brush it off easily, because it sounded like she probably worked with people through online communities.
She might have also been an active forum user, its hard for some to just not care.
Imagine going to work everyday and getting told youre all sorts of things, her work might have primarily been on the internet and that could have been her first point of interaction with people.
Who knows, people get really brave on the net since they wont get...

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what problems have you had?
Since release its been smooth 1200p 60fps for me with very high on everything using gtx 760 x2 (mars rog asus card)

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agree. I had it on 360, played it at a friends house on ps4. it looks a lot better on PC
There are a couple of annoying things, when loading online the load times are way tooooo long.
When playing competitive online modes I cannot get on the same teams as friends, because the PC verison has custom option removed :/
Thats annoying, and they removed party mode which was loved by a lot of people in gta.

Its weird because they emphasise so much...

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I have the asus mars rog gtx 760 x2.. (2 760s 1 board) GPU..

gtx 760 x2
16gb ram etc...

The game runs silky smooth with everything on very high.
The only time I have ever had lag is on a couple of occasions in multiplayer when 12 people joined the free mode at once, other than this its been good.
UBi/EA etc.. need to see how rockstar have optimised this game

Im paying full 1200p 60fps - the most Ive se...

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@kevinsheeks - you just said it though?

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I swear the smaller game types can be rushed and finished within 20 seconds of starting right?
I managed that a few times on a friends PC, just rushed to the exit car and end of mp game loool.

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