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Oh my oh my

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This guys smokes too much weed.

Yea, Leave Lionhead and create a studio for Iphone Games. Good future you see for games there man.

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I'm a very creative story teller, take me.

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"while coins can be used to purchase these skills, potions and, gems."

Looks like its gonna be pay-to-win

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Finally, a game about skills and the true king of FPS is coming back.

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Except that we've reached an age where the launch of the PS4 and the Xbox720 will most certainly contain games that are far more beautiful ( graphics-wise ) then what we have now.

The PS3 at launch gave devs a rough time, and it still does. But those same devs who got experience with it, they wont face much problem with the PS4 hopefully. So I'm GUESSING that the games would be so much better at launch for the PS4 and the Xbox720.

So, your argument is...

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Yea. create a game that costs $80-$100 million dollars while you could invest that money in trying for four new IP's.

I get it he has to defend his boss, but franchising only makes the company count on their biggest franchise, and mostly hire their most talented to work on that franchise.

While other games get little to no attention, or they get in the shadows of the marketing for the larger franchises.

I can see the reason if the franchi...

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The title is pretty stupid.

I mean who would follow a bad game and but the system that it's on?

Of course people will buy whatever system that's got the best games.

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Although an excellent article, and fine one to read.
I think most N4G users will just skip it and comment based on the headline.

But i just found out that the Nuns level have been changed in the game. Damn, i was really looking forward to killing those hot assassins covering in nun outfits.

Why the hell do sites report about sexism or inequality between genders or showing women as sex objects? Cant they just shut up and let developers create their art...

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What the..

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Obviously, the reason is that it rhymes.

Where's the fun in saying Uncharted 4 is on PS3? That's overkill.

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Putting too much focus on the graphics is taking much needed focus from the gameplay aspect itself.

I dont mind having bad graphics, hell i even play Final Fantasy VII without having second thoughts, i just hate seeing good looking games with terrible gameplay.

But you can't blame the devs for that, players ever since got a look at how good graphics could potentially be, they started bashing game after the other if they saw it lacking in terms of graphi...

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Apart from the troll above me, I dont think this is irrelevant to a gaming site.

This game is really one of the first to truly make me care about the characters.
It's Storytelling at it's finest ( although the second part of the game + the ending = meh ) nevertheless, it was quite the experience.

But to this day, i curse the random commentator on some random forum that said "Go save the girl from drowning, it's the better choice.&q...

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It was perfect five years ago Turkish.

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I dont mind that it stays, but the fact is that this mobile gaming is directly influencing console and pc gaming and to a worse results.

Big companies are dropping AAA console and pc projects to create little games for mobiles and benefit from microtransactions.

Now i understand that this is more profitable ( Zynga ) but come on.

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How is Spec Ops an FPS game?

Anyways, good article to read.

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What a freaking smart thing to say. " Haven't read the article yet."

God, when will N4G users become smart and read the articles for crying out loud.

OT: i thought the best thing was the Last of Us trailer, i didnt care for the DMC or Dead Space really.

They showed the same scenes they played at E3 but with different actions, a clear response to those saying that the E3 footage was scripted.

Release this game...

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Yea, because my judgement on the game depends on the ending... Not the game itself.

Sounds stupid to me to judge a game bad just because the writing team got a bad ending in a story.

Yea, just ignore all the effort in the gameplay, the mechanics, the environment, the sidequests, the RPG elements, and just say the game is bad because of its ending.

Now that's pretty stupid.

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The old " go play something else," argument.

How can you play something else if the most successful franchises in FPS that control the way every other FPS game are using unimaginative settings?

CoD MW used Modern Settings, it was a success. Now every FPS game is in modern times, see how the cycle works? so i can't play something else can i? Because something like Borderlines or Bioshock comes rarely.

Troll arguments.

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