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One thing is the price... I want it to be $400... They might have to take a loss on the hardware to make some games on the software.

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Saved you 15 clicks..
1) Better GPU & CPU, 2) Backwards Compatibility, 3) Bigger Standard HDD's, 4) Standard 4K resolution, 5) Multiple SKU's, 6) Better VR Capabilities, 7) Wireless charging for controllers, 8) HD Rumble, 9) Cross-Play, 10) Bigger RAM, 11) Free Online Multiplayer, 12) Better Network features, 13) Activity log, 14) Faster installs, 15) Customizable UI.

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Fast travel is always nice..

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Why not BOTH?

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You know it!

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I think Ps2 was the best in terms of the sheer amount of quality games released on the console.

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Or just read a wiki for 10 minutes

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So nothing substantial?

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It always comes down to that... lol

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They didn’t win.

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Are you high?

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Yup. Ryse: Son of Rome, TitanFall, Quantum Break, Recore, SunsetOverdrive, SuperLucky’s Tale, Sea of Thieves.. All of these new IP’s on Xbox didn’t make the Splash that MS wanted. With Playstation there’s BloodBorne and Horizon Zero Dawn that were received well and sold well.

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Agreed. Despite the 360’s early take-off.. it slowed down at the end and ultimately lost to the PS3. Xbox has never won a console generation.

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In terms of hardware.. the PS5 will be a powerhouse. The two consoles (next Xbox) and PS5 power difference will yet again be minimal to make a big impact in hardware sales. It will ultimately come down to the games. Even if the first year or two for PS5 is short on exclusives, they WILL come and the will come in force.

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They also needed to make the interaction with them more practical. Like one second you’re walking and the next something happens and you suddenly get captured.. sequence plays out.. the sequence ends.. and you’re back in the sandbox.. not to mention all the loading screens.. idk, felt like it could have been handled better.

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I’m sure if someone asked you when Farcry 2 came out if you’d rather play Farcry 1, you’d say no. Farcry 2 is the older game, of course you’d say you’d rather play 5, that doesn’t make It better.

I haven’t played 2, but I’m sure there’s more to do than throwing Grenades at trees.

I’ve heard of the synopsis of 2, and I agree the set up is more interesting. And I’m sure the mission set up is also better.

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Better in what way?

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Don’t know why ppl are disagreeing. This game will be better than SSO

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I’m guessing June. That would result in 6 months in a row with an exclusive for each month.

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XBOX gets Sunset Overdrive... PlayStation gets a good Spider-Man game

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