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This is true. But draw calls only impact CPU performance. The GPU relies on draw calls to tell it what to do.

Look at it this way. A system with a I5 2500k and HD7870 will have the exact same "draw call" performance as a system with a I5 2500k and a Titan.

The difference is in the first system the HD7870 will be the bottle neck (the CPU will be able to issue far more draw calls than the GPU could possibly render)

The second system t...

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Interesting bit of software. But it only tests one metric. Namely how efficiently the API can issue draw calls and how it impacts on CPU performance.

Interesting, but hardly a measure of overall system performance.

The true test for DX12 will be if it can offer substantial performance improvements on the GPU side as well. While low powered CPU's (where the CPU is the bottle neck in a system) will benefit most. Most serious gamers opt for a mid to high ...

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I don't think "guy swinging on bar" was the point, so much as showing off their shinny new mo-cap gear/studio. The fact that the camera was the focal point and took up most of the shot kinda gave it away.

I'm sure people who work in the mo-cap industry were prob tote impressed with the new shinny gear. I myself have no idea what I'm looking at tbh.

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The LOD draw in was pretty poor tbh. But the game was for the most part well polished and more importantly heaps of fun.

I applaud the devs for going that extra yard. EA and Ubisoft take note. This is how you support your install base. Makes me want to support Techlands next project too.

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Gives me a headache after a long play session. I put it down to the eye fatigue. It's only a problem with some games.

For example I can play TLOUR for 4-5hrs straight and still feel fresh. More than 90mins of Dying Light and I have a massive migraine.

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You know, people were saying the same thing about HL2. No way it can live up to the first game blah blah blah. Look how that turned out. HL2 turned out to surpass it's predecessor in every way.

HL3 on source engine 2 will once again set the bar for FPS. I expect Source 2 to light years ahead of any other game engine when it releases.

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Interesting read!

I am still very impressed with what ND achieved with TLOUR. It's still one of the cleanest IQ I've seen in a current gen game. And running at close to locked 1080/60p. Very impressive, and bodes well for UC4.

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Lols @ the disagrees for a direct quote.

What do they think. Disagreement will somehow make it not true lol.

OT. DX12 is exciting for what it brings to PC game development. Finally a console level access API for PC devs.

It's just silly the way some of the fanboi s are carrying on about DX12 and the Xbox1. When even the head of Xbox division says DX12 won't effect Xbox1 much. Maybe you should listen.

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I actually watched the first two movies over the weekend. And after found myself wondering what had happened to the game, and why we haven't seen any news.

Great to see it's still on track. From the little they've shown, it seems their doing a stellar job of translating the stark desperate feel of the second film into a game.

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Currently playing The Order and loving it.

It's not perfect by any stretch. But it is damn good. I think the sequel will be very, very good.

Gaming journalism (if you can still say that with a straight face) has taken a nose dive into a pit of self serving and sensationalist tripe. The Order is only the latest and least deserving game to fall prey to this trend of click baiting. I'm just glad the vast majority of gamers make their own mind up on whi...

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Can I report someone for being an oversensitive twat? Because there sure is a lot of those people around.

OT. I call the Xbox1 either Xbox1 or Xbone all the time. And I mean neither disrespectfully. It's just both are easy to type. XBO is just stupid, and thankfully too late to catch on.

Harden up princess. Not everyone is an automatic troll if they type Xbone.

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Pretty much nothing on the Xbox1 front. MS PR guys will need to find some other BS to hype the shit out of. Maybe we'll see some more "Cloud" nonsense.

Will be exciting times for PC gamers though ;-)

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Pretty much. It's just a shoddy port, plain and simple. No way I'm giving lazy devs a cent for this POS.

Even if it was well optimized. It's still a lazy HD port of an average last gen game. Plenty of better games out there to buy.

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Again with this "advertised as" BS. Show me where the developers ever "advertised" The Order as action/shooter.

From day dot. Ready at Dawn have always said the Order was going to be a heavily story driven single player cinematic experience.

In fact the words "cinematic" and "story driven" have pretty much been synonymous with any official press release from the devs.

It's the gaming community wh...

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Wait, what!?

Lay off the coolade bro!!

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Yea. The ME games have always been pretty. But the facial animations were always a letdown. Really hope they step up this side of things.

DA Inquisition was an improvement, but still far from the likes of what say ND achieved even on last gen hardware.

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Hate on SONY first party exclusives all you want. Myself and millions of other people love them and play the crap out of them.

The Order is brilliant. Shadow Fall I still play all the time (SP and MP).

Mark my words. The order will be driveclub all over again. Gets hated on my the gaming media but will be a huge success with actual gamers.

Every single person I have handed the controller to to play some of The Order has sung it praises. And...

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No disappointment here. I'm loving The Order. Looking forward to Bloodborne too. Good time to be a SONY gamer :-)

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And you know because you watched a shite compressed YouTube video?

How about play the game before hating on it.

F'kn sheep!

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Gears was pretty average IMO. Good yes. But hardly a benchmark in game design.

Uncharted does cover based shooting way better than Gears. Plus there were many games years prior that did it better.

Gears only got the attention it did because it was pretty and had an interesting setting/story. Gameplay was average at best.

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