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Tell that to every other games news service that adds a SPOILER ALERT

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What the hell? What kind of logic is that? Some people have lives boy. I'm studying to go to law school and can't devote the time to play a lengthy RPG. Hell I haven't even finished ME2, but I love the series, once I get time I'll finish it through. But thanks to you I now know (or assume) that Shepard seems to die at the end of ME3. I stayed clear of all the ME3 controversy because I didn't want to spoil the game for myself. Hard to avoid it when you put it in the title. ...

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Your reasoning, logic, morality and traditions are not the same as everyone else's.

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Here come the bible thumpers.

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No because you're an idiot and a bigot

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Rising is coming to the PS3...

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no kidding. i'm f*cking terrified haha

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I'm a Sony fan, always have been. I own a PS3, Decoy_Octopus and ThisWasSparta are my PSN IDS. (I'm on your side fanboys)


what part of walking around for 10 mins like you don't know what the hell is going on, is "pure action"? The movement?

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I got excited. I thought it was London...


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Good point. Are you supposed to be completely motionless while watching movies on Kinect? No eating, drinking, making out, going to the bathroom? And if you're supposed to say "XBOX" before, you're gonna look like such a dork in front of your friends.

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Are you frustrated? Are you venting?

Granted it was all gimmicky, at least Sony embraced the core gamers. I was starting to feel left out after watching the MS conference. I skipped out on Nintendo because they all but abandoned the hardcore audience. I loved Butler's speech - obviously it was scripted, but it shows that Sony cares about us.

And really? Kinect looked a hell of a lot cooler?

Here's something for you


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*I'll take all your thoughts away. And I'll ignite your fears today.. *

It is now stuck in your head.

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Someone earlier said that to a Halo fan, it looks amazing, and to a non-halo fan it looks like... well... Halo. I never got a feel for the Halo environments. The best thing about Halo to me is the multiplayer and the music. Hell if they just changed the aliens where they look a little more realistic, I'd prolly go buy a 360.

Having said that, I loved Halo 3. I've never had that much fun in LAN games. Ever. And then my roommate bought ODST and we played through the game from start...

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Martyrdom is lame. How is that a legit kill? Basically you're a freaking terrorist. RUN INTO CROWD OF PEOPLE. DIE. BLOW EVERYONE ELSE UP.

Where's the skill?

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But I feel like Sons of Liberty was the best in the series. Don't get me wrong, I love Metal Gear. My username here is a MGS-type codename, and on the PSN my names are Decoy_Octopus and Raging_Raven. I'm a die-hard fan, but for some reason, MGS2 remains my favorite.

There are a number of reasons why I love it so much more than any of the other games. First and foremost is the main theme. I absolutely love the intro music. I feel like it captures the game so well. Unfortunately it...

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Quiet fanboy. There is no comparison between the games.

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They have NO right to call them out. What in the world are they trying to defend themselves against? Polyphony Digital hasn't, to my knowledge, stooped to their level, so why put them down for no good reason? And how in the world is PD being "arrogant"? By going to Turn 10's studios and testing out THEIR game, they are in fact showing humility.

Its as if Valve went over to Bungie to try out Halo, and Bungie saying "So guess what? Valve came over to see Reach. Guess...

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It's true. I am not a fan of Microsoft, but that has nothing to do with this. When you're so high up in a company, you owe it to your company to demonstrate some manner of professionalism. If you don't it is your responsibility.

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It's their blog. It's like Bungie's blog or Kojima Productions' podcast. I mean even David Jaffe, a guy notorious for his big mouth, acts professional when the occasion demands it.

The guy you're referring to is Dan Greenawalt, Forza 3's lead game designer. It'd be accurate to make a judgment about the company if its their head honcho don't you think?

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That comment was posted on the official blog. It isn't one guy posting randomly and anonymously on a forum. It is the company's official portal to the public.

Anyway, this is what the company had to say about the division that makes the Nissan GTR and why they weren't allowed to have it in Forza.

"No R35 GTR, because they are a bunch of twatwaffles"

Shall I continue?

(On GT5)

"I feel that he's passed us the baton....

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