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Hey guys, I feel the need to chime in here.

I never played the beta. I had access to it being a plus member (perhaps everyone did?) ,but I never played it due to the massive download required.

I did however purchase the retail version, and i'm on my first free month still.

I just recently reached level 30, and assumed that once you reach 30, there's nothing to do. This couldn't be further from the truth. At 30, there are all...

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My wife is more stable on her period, after overeating and crying, than this reviewer is.

Holy shit dude, can you get any more emotional? Sure, Infamous has some repetition...ever played GTA4? Or how about Halo?

Get over yourself

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Let's see here:

2006 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Price
2007 - PS3 is doomed; reason: No Games
2008 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Xbox price cut
2009 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Project Natal
2010 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Hacked
2011 - PS3 is doomed; reason: ?????

I don't think the PS3 is going anywhere, but for some reason, on this site, n4g = the world, unless we are talking about Xbox 360 sales, and then, USA = ...

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Thanks Microsoft, for giving us an Avatar based AA meeting!

"My name is Mike, and I am a Kinectiholic."

These poor gamers need a rehab circle, just to they don't overdose due to the shame and guilt of buying into the Kinect hype.

8 million Kinect cameras sold? How about 6 million of those are still sitting on store shelves. Channel stuffing for teh winnar!!!

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What a nightmare.

I am so sorry Xbox only owners. I hope you get a ps3 next X-mas.

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What a disaster....

What started out in 2005 with hardcore FPS games like Gears of War has now become the laughing stock of gaming....

I just want all you Xbox only owners to know that after Gears 3 drops, you are more than welcome to come to the dark side.

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Brought to you by the same website who wrote this article:

"Why Mass Effect Should Remain a Microsoft Exclusive"

and this one:

"RPGs: Has Mass Effect 2 Ruined Them All?"

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If you have only owned a PS3 this gen and you play ME2, you may not understand what all the fuss is about.

You have to realize that every 360 exclusive is teh best game evar until it hits the PS3 (after it's already been released on PC, that is)

lol LOL

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I guarantee that within a month, there will be a CFW that will allow games to be ripped/played from the HD.

Maybe even sooner....

I'm not saying I condone/want this, I am just saying that since a CFW has already been released, some youngblood hacker will just take whats already been done and patch it to run games.

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Just like they denied the original RROD complaint.

I have one 360 left, and after that one goes, it's over between me and MS.

Hopefully it holds out for Gears 3, after that, who cares.

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That's a lot of unhappy gamers...

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i really like Halo 3, but Reach is awful.

Sure the multiplayer is there, and I do like the Firefight modes, but the campaign is terrible.

Not worth $60 for a couple more modes/tweaks over Halo 3, and ODST was bullsh!te.

poopoo, instead of hating on ps3 fans, why not put your displaced anger where it belongs, on MS for selling out its fanbase by lumping Britney Spears fans in with Halo gamers.

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I was just in Home playing in the Midway 2, winning all kinds of prized while I played fun mini games.

Sure, it still has a long way to go before it's finished, such as displaying your trophies in your apartment, role playing adventure rooms (think mini-WoW), tying PSN to Home on the XMB, etc....

But this? Didn't Aaron Greenturd say Home was "a nice looking chat room"?

I feel really bad for hardcore Xbox fans out there....I...

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"Right. Because holding a tiny glowing ball looks so much cooler."

Um, no, but holding the Move controller *will* allow ps3 users to play the game via motion controls.

I find it unbelievable that Kinect fanboys are now resorting to sarcastic'ish comments like what Icarus just said. Are you Fing serious? I suppose next you are going to say something like "it's better playing with the 360 controller anyways" or "b bu but teh Ken...

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M$ will keep shooting themselves in the foot, so long as they put $$$ before quality.

They have been beating their own customers over the head with the Xbox 360. From cheap hardware to overpriced accessories, to disk scratching, a $200 eyetoy, RROD, you name it. It's all about trying to make as much $$$ as possible from the gamer this gen.

It's bitter sweet. In one way, it's sad that they've really screwed up to much this gen, because comp...

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I wonder if keeping it upright would work also, but then you have to worry about heat, and that leads to....well, you know...

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I have 4 move games currently: The Fight, The Shoot, Cabellas, and Sports Champions.

These 4 games have kept me and the family busy for weeks, and I am very happy with Playstation Move. I really liked playing The Fight until I hurt my shoulder and had to take a break.

As far as the scores, I think alot of websites are devoted to the Kinect right now, and they are trying very hard to like it. Then when a Move game comes out, they give it a casual glance an...

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The 360 scrathes disks all by itself, so it's not hard to believe that 1-2 people jumping around near the console could cause enough vibrations to scratch a disk.

Remember how fast the 360 spins DVDs? Go ahead and *slightly* tilt a 360 while a disk is at full RPM


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I would, but I traded DS after my platinum.

I can PM you a couple of peeps who may be able to help you.

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This is the only game for which I have the platinum trophy,
not because it's easy, but because I put so much time into it.

A must own, a must play, and if you get a chance, INVADE SOMEBODY

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