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Lol pretty much. The little guy is spanking the bigger guy.

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No you not doing it right. MS are the masters of everything. They created the cloud and it will be the superior service :P

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This is not the only person to debunk graphics processing in the cloud . A simple google search will show you that. But whatever keeps xbox fans happy I guess. MS has after all shown tangible proof of actual work in progress games that cloud can increase Xbox One performance 3 fold as they so stated at a Japanese stage presentation...oh wait...

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Wow. That was quick

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Ryse is crap. 900p or not. Graphics is not everything and The Order has it comfortably beat in that department anyway.

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Lol. The Bone getting soundly trounced.

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@jhoward585: You mean the very same MS that last year at a stage event in Japan claimed that the cloud would provide a local Xbox One machine with roughly 3 times more computation power. Ever since then they have gone radio silent on the cloud after numerous articles and engineers debunked that bold claim. People have already been duped once by MS. Anything MS claims since then I'm taking with a huge pinch of salt. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Not bad for MS but not good when compared to its chief competition.

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God of War 4. Looking at God Of War 3, i can't imagine what they could do with the PS4.

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At this rate they may as well give away Xbox One's for free. I wonder how much MS is losing on each console with prices having dropped so far within the first year.
Can they sustain these rediculous offerings?

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Holy Crap. Some of the screenshots look rediculous. Enjoy Driveclub owners

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Better versions of multiplatform titles. Larger library of Indy platform titles than Xbox One. More games available on PS4 than any next gen platform. Great diversity of content. SharePlay.

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No. Destiny is horse manure. You are not allowed to like a game that has a bigger audience on Playstation (hence the disagrees on your comment).
The salt from the Xbox camp in this topic is glorious.

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This has to be the most abject drivel to ever degrade my PC screen. Well done. You win the idiot of the day award.

Edit: What does my avatar pic and username have to do with anything. I own a gaming PC (coming from an Xbox 360) and none of the next gen consoles. But fanboyism tends to blind some people. It tends to make people talk out their arse like you just did. This article has nothing to do with Xbox exclusives like Ryse and FH2 lol. Stay on topic fella.

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B-b-b-but indies are not games according to Xbox fanboy logic.

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Sadly, not gonna happen and im a huge fan of the Age series ;(

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Oh boy. Yet another reason for PC gamers to not buy an Xbox One.
If true, how is MS allowing this to happen. The battle against PS4 is already tough for them.
They need every bit of ammunition to boost Xbox One sales. I didnt expect this.

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Good lord, seems my post struck a nerve in here lol.
You give them cold hard facts and they want to give you grenades.
People are too sensitive nowadays.

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I agree with you but you also forget this is Ubisoft. They are notorious for creating games with performance issues.
The same thing happened with Watch Dogs. Fool me once and all that.

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I fail to understand why you have any disagrees for stating fact.
The bundle has not even cracked the top 50 on Amazon for this month, let alone for this week and its launching in a matter of days.

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