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I disagree! DD is a joke. If MS would wake up and use Blu-Ray everyone could be happy. Oh wait morons like you wouldn't.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah ahahahaha! PS3rd [email protected] pwned again.

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Wow... I'm stunned. The PS3 has won on this subject...

Nuff Said.


I call BS... The 360 version is superior.

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NOOOooooo.... And PSN3rd is perfect! Hmmm yer.

I love how SDF troll this news as soon as its on the front page of N4G.
Desperate F*ckers.

GT5P - Load Of Crap.

Edit. Thanks for agreeing t-0_ot-, Xbox live...

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LOL You actually said xbot!!!

What has that got to do with this post.

Your a ignorant little cunt...


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LOL...its not happening!

Edit. Its a true fact that PS3rd fans are retards! to the [email protected] below, eh??? what does that actually mean?

Could you explain or did you just start crying?

Vicophine. No, NO! i didn't

You see, my name makes sense.... The PS3rd is still 3rd. Nothing has changed.

Keep pressing that Disagree button. I'd like to make a record of 10 before i f*ck off to bed!

Yes! 10! a f*cking record!

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And once again PS3rd owners Wait Beyond.

When they say autumn they mean sometime in the next 50 years.

Regretting your purchase now eh? LMFAO.

Edit. Its ok... it'll never happen and if it does I'll change my name to
Turdstation... Its describes the PS3rd very well.


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YES... The PS3rd fans can troll all they want...

Its going to be huge and I'm gonna enjoy every Minuit of it!

Joy to my arse!

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Did any of you morons read the damn article... He's talking about the lack of car damage in GT5P. Cheaters use the wall in time trial mode and get around quicker. If damage was there (which it isn't) nobody could do this and you'd have to play this game like it was "real life"

The lack of damage is stopping GT5 from becoming a Race Sim.

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F*ck off and don't quote me again.


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Physics - Great
Graphics - Great

Online mode... (maybe the biggest part of this game) Pure ARSE!!! hahaha

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Sony are once again f*cking over millions of PS owners....

Shame on THEM...

Nuff said.

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No, No, I don't want this game.

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Oh wow... more typical replies from PS3rd fans...

The old ring of death joke! YAWN!

Tardbox 3fixme is a bit better, quite funny there! (have a cookie)

And! Rockstar are not going PS3rd exclusive.. that rumor came FROM PSM3 MAG UK, they are the same idiots who said the Wii can do 1080p

Owned again then :)

PimpHandHappy - I'm not that guy GETPOWND? Although Ive been here with many accounts since it was a 360 ONLY news site.

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Oh god!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!! super!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YES! 360 version coming my way...

LOL... Waits for nasim.

Edit. LOOK A typical reply from a PS3rd [email protected], BTW my "Crapbox" Doesn't
overheat, NOPE! it also plays games, Not movies....

You know its a "Gaming Machine"

Edit.2 Harry, i see you on youtube and your quite a smart guy, although when you enter n4g you become a retarded little s*it. Answer me this... WHY?

Does it offend you that I'm buying the 360...

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You dumb f*cking cunt!

What the hell has your utter bulls*it got too do with GRID and this video.

You should be I.P banned for this... Your trolling is at new levels of ignorance.

Now I'm gonna say this.... GRID > GT5Probore.
GRID is looking superb and your only ripping on it because its not exclusive to the PS3rd

Awwwwwww... Poor Twatface.

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Well.. I admit... I'd like Blu-Ray on 360. I hate DD, its so f*cking stupid and some [email protected] don't know this.

Blu-Ray on 360 would solve alot of problems.

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The PS3rd version.... J/k.

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