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What I really don’t understand is why you go around and calling the Switch rubbish in every Nintendo article.

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Or A Link Between World. Make that happen, Nintendo!

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So if it is the same controller then that mean it is the same game as well?

That makes a whole lot of sense.

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To add abit more, Daemon X Machina, 1-2 Switch, Captain Toad, and Octopath Traveller (made by Square but published by Nintendo) are also some of the new IPs on Nintendo platform.

But judging from the downvotes that you got, these people are in denial.

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Well there still is Monster Hunter, Pokemon, and Smash. Rumor is we might have another Direct this month so wait for that.

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You might want to check again. The Banner Saga has already been released on the Switch. You might have already known this if you really own a Switch.

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Fable with full season would be so awesome. I can’t wait to see more.

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I guess all the games that had released so far and will be released in the future are not compatible with this controller?

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*optional controller for their console and for PC.

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MS is both a software and a hardware company.

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Oh yeah. They will go out of business soon or maybe selling themselves to lord Sony.

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I know it’s coming, but right now I really want a new Rune Factory.

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Greatness awaits for who can pay, in this case.

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The combat is awesome. But the story is not. It is confusing and sometimes a mess. And don’t get me started on the god awful side quests.

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What a ridiculous proposition. Instead of trying to stop a few bad apple, you gonna just pull the whole tree down? Smh.

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Except it can’t play Smash and Pokemon, which surely are gonna be the best selling games this holiday.


Why did you come to the conclusion that Smash is a port? Didn’t they devs said it is a new game with new engine?

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What standard?

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