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So same goes for the PS5 :). No true next gen games

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And still most people buy their games day1

Fallout, elder scrolls are true Blockbusters / system sellers compared to demon souls which is a game for the Hardcore audience

Most games, most exclusives and all on gamepass on the most powerful console next gen.

PS owners can buy their 80 bucks 15h single player games :)

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DS never will be a system seller as this game is for the Hardcore audience.

Like every From Software game... The extremly hard difficulty makes it a 30h-40h game otherwise you could beat it in 8h just like bloodborn.... Well if you could choose normal mode

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Most of them are single player games. No need for Server maintance, regular Updates etc.

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And even if... U will still buy their games :)

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Digital consoles were always a trap if u dont have a 2TB+ HDD/SSD build in

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At least sony is making most of their money (80%less compared to MS) with playstation and Hollywood. The rest of their Business is just good for a Powerpoint presentation

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I wanted to wait for my purchase but now i will get the series x day one. I have full Trust for MS next gen. xbox will deliver the Best service available

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With the New RTX cards (3x power compared to ps5/seriesx) the difference was never that high in any gen taking into Account what huge difference Hardware RT will make next gen.

I think i will finally completely Jump over to PC considering the fair prices from nVidia up to the rtx3080

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Germans dont need us money fool

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Looks bad for Sony at gamescom and Looks like cyberpunk will be goty 2020

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How old are you?

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Wow is one of the best games ever made! Cancelled gamepass ultimate due to wow subscription... After 2 years :). With friends ots hard to play any ot her game. Wow is more like a hobby as a game

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