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Does anyone care at this point? Fingers crossed the next bf is golden, don’t think the franchise could take another epic misfire. Good on them for continuing support for 2143, just too little too late

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Holy shit!!! Dishonoured 3???? Prey 2???? Not happening forget about it! Doesn’t matter who the devs are, or who owns them, they’re only ever one bad game away from closure nowadays. The industry is down the toilet big time, literally every publisher is making record profits and yet there are record amounts of firings and closures.

I'm glad I grew up in the 90s and have played games throughout so many fantastic periods but when I step back and look on the horizon I don...

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They’ve not gone through development hell, they live in a country that has been invaded, they’ve lost devs to an ongoing war effort. It’s a complete miracle this game is even coming out

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Come on… it’s not hard is it

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I’m shocked by the negative reception here, I’m buzzing for this! Don’t get me wrong, could easily still turn out bad, but I think it looks awesome right now. Got a space fairing uncharted vibe I’m really liking. I think the main character is fine, I rarely care for the main character in any game so it’s really not something I’m bothered about.

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Great month! Buzzing to try immortals, would never of paid money for it but have always watched from sidelines knowing there’s a chance I may really like it!

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It looks really strange, have alook on the app app store

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Got to be a Ps6 game. They’ve completely skipped a generation, it’s madness

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If the only way people will be able to play gears of war on ps5 is by subscribing to gamepass I think it could be a bit of a waste of time. You’ll get people signing up briefly to play anything in the catalogue they feel they’ve missed out on (which won’t be the everything and certainly won’t have heavy hitters day one) then sacking it off. Gamepass and psplus out do and one up each other frequently at this point, I use both intermittently but only subscribe to one at a time. Overwhelmingly t...

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I think it’s just for ff7 rebirth

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I’m so used to being disappointed by these showcase style things that I was very pleasantly surprised. The 2 vr games and death stranding 2 were enough for me, holy shit that game looks incredible

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Ellie became the villain, she was despicable by the end, I died in that final fight the first time because I didn’t want to kill Aggie. I hated Ellie by the final scene, she was grotesque and monstrous

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I can’t work out if this guy is just being sarcastic

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I just thought of another really grim take on this… what are the chances that the imminent failure of this game might end rocksteady all together? They must be nervous of the likelihood of this happening. It’ll be a dark day if it does, poor sods that work there.

How did they get here? How didn’t they know this was going to be so poorly received. They must’ve known years before it was announced, are the people in charge of rocksteady so out of touch or arrogant even that th...

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I was surprised by the first person perspective as well but given machinegames history probs shouldn’t have been. I like that it’s differentiated itself from uncharted or tomb raider which would’ve been the obvious genre to go for. Just hope they pull it off. I’m hopeful tbh. I’m hoping it feels a little different and refreshing, I feel like I spend 90% of my time playing games that are so derivative it’s nice to play something that is even just a little bit more individual. Hopefully this i...

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This gen took so long to finally start properly, bar a few outliers so much of the first half of this gen was cross generation. I got my ps5 at launch and I’m 100% not ready to upgrade

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Have you played it?

It isn’t terrible, and starts off quite well, but the cracks soon begin to show and minor annoyances that you looked over in the beginning soon overwhelm any good and after a while it’s an exercise in pure frustration. Just my opinion of course. I left it 20 hours in

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They’re really “coping” aren’t they. The bottom line is, if it’s not fun we’re not going to play it

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😂😂😂 I 100% agree, I played for a fortnight, wasn’t sure from the start how I felt about it but two weeks in the loading screens finally broke me, not being able to fast travel from space stations with out walking to your ship to undock is so so so stupid

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That’s got to be breaking records, they must’ve known it was going to flop, had to get it out the door to try and scrape in a few pennies

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