Pope of the PS4
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Meh overhyped game is over hyped , hope it flops just cause it will provide a laugh for alot of people.

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come_bom + 16m ago
Dam... i just might have to buy a X1 for this.

500 for a gears game? nah i would rather watch the lets play tbh.. its probably 720p aswell... maybe it will come to pc or not who cares.

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Just like this lol

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Especially with this

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Not for another year.

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The next overhyped fps.

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PurpHerbison + 3h ago
I was extremely disappointed in the DS4 triggers. They feel exactly the same as the DS3, they are just shaped differently. So this is good news for me.

You cant be serious O.o

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More mericuhns want ps4 dealwithit#

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Checkbook out again from ms, its the playstation fans that elevated this series from msg1 until today, greedy bastard.

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Firstly im the pope
Secondly Never go full retard.

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IanVanCheese + 3h ago
Can you actually lose all your bubbles?


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Console ports to PC are very negative.

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Unfortunatley for nintendo Cod became todays mario which was a shame.

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So this game must take nothing to run if it gets to 1080p on xbone.

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And not have to wait until 2015 to play it.

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theBAWSE + 25m ago
don't believe a word Microsoft says

government really take the piss, wonder if they using PSN aswell

Yep just turn off that dodgy camera or cover it with something lol.

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There will be funny choices in this game i bet.

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Here we go again.

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JokesOnYou + 1h ago
That looked fun as hell. Damm I don't know where I'm going to find the time to play all these games...I work more and more these days.

I troll and troll more these days...fixed.

On topic Titanfall may get it on pc its cod by EA

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