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nice lady

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come on dude, you don't have to enjoy every ps3 exclsuive but there are some gems. MGS4 and Uncharted series are some of my favourite games ever. Don't let these idiot fanboys ruin what are some amazing games. You'd be hard pressed to find people who think gears2 is a better game than uncharted2 if they have played both games.

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yup, 12 year old sony fanboy geeks. You'll catch the 30 year old porn addicts in the cosplay articles.

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Ballmer gives me the creeps.

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they don't need too... all they need is the kinect casual market combined with CoD Halo GTA Gears and Sports games. This is where the mass market is and microsoft know it; they don't need to worry about releasing any more top exclusives.

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wow this is a horrible article that reads like a pissed off 12 year old who hates sony. It amazes me that there are actually fanboy websites out there.

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the new cole looks and sounds like a dweeb with downs syndrome. I don't understand why they changed what was a very cool character in the first game.

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quite useful when playing FFXIII.

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I liked Chloe more than Elena.

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This site is plagued with 12 year old geeks and 30 year old porn addicts. I pity neither, I hate both.

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KZ2 even looks much better than the video you linked.

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UK = world

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I hate dancing. It is one of the most ridiculous things in life. It just looks and feels completely stupid. Especially in clubs where people pretend they are enjoying the 2 note god awful repetitive music that a monkey could write if put in front of a keyboard.

In other words this game does not interest me in the slightest...

edit: much better now thanks

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Blaze is spot on. All the major sellers are multiplats, GTA, CoD and Assassins Creed. Then the 360 still has Halo and Gears for big sellers and Madden/Fifa for sports. For the average gamer, what more do they need.

Now also they are breaking into the casual market with kinect. The 360 just doesn't need any more hardcore exclusives to be successful when you look at what the sales figures say, which are obviously a reflection of what the people want.

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It looks as good as CoD to be honest but it will not get reviewed like a CoD game because it doesn't have Call of Duty on the cover.

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looking foward to this one. these tomb raider games were very underrated and clearly inspired the platforming sections in Uncharted. Anniversary is one of my favourite games.

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can't argue with that

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it was an ingenious puzzle game that was highly entertaining made by one of the best developers out there. The humour was fine, it entertained, not all humour needs sexual/adult references. We don't know how big portal 2 is going to be so we can't jump the gun on pricing. It should have more hype than what it's getting when compared to the hype kinect/cod/halo gets.

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not quite the 10million predicted in it's first week but it's still selling at full price. The only other game keeping that sort of pricing is black ops.

edit: didn't you sony nutjob geeks predict it?

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that will likely be the destination of their next Nathan Drake game after U3. I don't game on portables so I'd prefer an U4 on ps3.

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