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Looks like this game is gonna be off the... astral chain.

I'll see myself out.

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I really loved both Azure Striker Gunvolt games as well as Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

I'll definitely be picking this up; I came to really enjoy Copen's style of gameplay in ASG2. Maybe after beating the game, you can play through it again as Gunvolt with new abilities or something. That would be neat. Inti creates some damn good games.

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Correction: You should play Monster Hunter World *then* play God Eater 3. Or vice versa.

They're both really good and there's no reason to either/or this.

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I honestly think the Ace Attorney games got better when Phoenix is put in insurmountable situations (such as learning the ins and outs of a court system he's never seen before, like in Spirit of Justice), and also when he's *not* the primary voice through which the player learns information.

I really, really hated Phoenix's "tantrum" at the end of Dual Destinies, when Edgeworth was prosecuting and Athena was on the stand. I understand how it was necess...

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Thanks for the info, much appreciated man.

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... Why?

Cayde-6 was, like, the only good character in Destiny 2, and while I think North is a great voice actor, Fillion does have an overabundance of charm that made Cayde quite endearing.

Oh well. I stopped playing Destiny 2 a while ago so it's not like it's going to bother me any when this DLC comes out.

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They usually release information about their games 1-2 months out from release date (or at least that's what they've been doing for the last few years). It makes sense that, if they were adhering to such a plan, they would have more games for the next 5+ months, but haven't revealed anything yet.

Whether adhering to that plan is smart or not is an entirely different discussion altogether, though, lol.

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Has there been any word on how this will play while the Switch is docked, or is this going to be like VOEZ and be handheld mode only?

No matter which they do, I'm down. I loved this game like crazy on the DS.

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Monolith does great without about anything. They have a few pitfalls here or there, but Xenoblade, Soma Bringer, Baten Kaitos, etc., have all be great and wildly different, so if they try a new project I will eagerly play it as well.

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DW4, Pirate Warriors 3, DQ Heroes, and Hyrule Warriors are all tip top of the Warriors menu.

I enjoyed Reborn well enough as its the best of the Gundam Warriors games, but I actually preferred Gundam 3. >_>

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It's Bayonetta's Umbran Watch, which was thought to be the Left Eye of Darkness.

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So a company that manufactures snap-on controllers like the Moto X gamepad mod (or whatever it's called), is causing Nintendo to be investigated over the controller aspect of the Switch.

Given how technologically illiterate many in the American legal system are, this may be one to pay attention to in the future because this was an *extremely* broad patent even in terms of US patents (literally, "...Controller systems with parts that attach to two sides of an electr...

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I'm a massive fan of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. SA1 blew my mind as a kid- the music, the graphics, even the voice acting (the bar was low 18 years ago. Anime and game dubs were still in the Jill Sandwich era for the most part lol) just blew me away. I played it so much that I learned a lot of its awful script by heart, lol.

And then I went to play SA1 on Steam a little while ago and yeah, it definitely has no aged well at all, haha. SA2 has aged a fair deal better than 1...

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T-ELOS? Yessssss

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I would never recommend getting rid of the motion controls- Koloktos is where the truly shine as a unique and gratifying experience. I never had an issue with them throughout the entire game, but that's because I wasn't pointing my remote at my sensor bar (which, admitting, is what the Wii trained people to do for years up to this point).

The tutorials and Imprisoned were my least favorite parts of the game- even more so than the empty backtracking, etc.. The motion...

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Skyward Sword could definitely use the HD treatment, especially if they fix some of the issues SS originally had (extremely obtrusive tutorials to the point of showing you what a blue rupee is every time you pick one up after powering off the system, the Imprisoned really doesn't need to be fought three times, honestly, among other things).

That game had some of the best combat and dungeon design in the entirety of the Zelda series, though. Seriously- I don't remem...

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I really want Rex + Pyra/Mythra (make it like Shulk's Monado arts or something- using a certain special attack swaps the Blade, and the Blade determines your A button attacks' properties), Shantae would be bad ass too.

Isaac from GS with news of a new Golden Sun being made would be pretty slick. I don't even remember GS all that fondly (I was playing Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, Paper Mario, Baldur's Gate II as I think Throne of Bhaal came out around then, ...

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Ah, Last Dance isn't bad. You should be able to take on Nergigante without about any rarity 5/6 weapon, so you're fine as far as damage goes. It's your armor I'd be more worried about.

If you still find yourself having trouble with him (avoiding the dive bomb, especially), try out Legiana investigations with gold material drops. You can tell which materials you're likely to get as investigations will have between 1-5 slots ranging from bronze to gold (wi...

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Try using a weapon with a shield. Charge Blade is especially good for this, because you can just tank his dive bomb attack if your shield is charged and stamina is at max (make sure to eat for 150 stamina), though I'm fairly certain I guard pointed it each time even during the beginning.

Otherwise, put on Legiana gear for Evasion + and when his spikes turn black, he's going to dive bomb at you some time soon, so sheathe your weapon and get ready for him to rise into...

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Actually, it's worthy of a 5.0 update because of how much they changed under the hood. It implemented kernel address space layout randomization, from what I understand. Meaning: The memory sections used by the system kernel are intentionally moved around in a way that is known to the kernel software, but (ideally) unknown to lower-level software, or to an outside attacker. It's designed such that even if an attacker knows about a vulnerability in the kernel, they shouldn't be able...

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