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Andrew Wilson doesn't know how to do anything else. He launched himself into leadership through microtransactions and live game services. So EA are bound to do the same thing hoping for something different.

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Complaining about English voices in a game where the characters are supposed to exclusively speak Japanese is like complaining you ate a terrible shit burger but not because of the literal shit but because there wasn't enough cheese.

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Finally From Software is making something worth playing again. Feels like we are back to PS2 days.

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Very rare to see demos in the AAA scene these days. And better yet a demo with chunky content thrown in.

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Michael Patcher is short Sony stocks so he's going to say anything possible to downplay.

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No it doesn't. That's like saying Amazon won because Netflix uses AWS.

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Well in Japan white is the color of death so either it's ironic or it's a bullshit story.

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The people asking for a turn based FF are the same sickos asking for Resident Evil to go back to isometric like gameplay.

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Hey Kotaku how much are you being paid by Wedbush for hate articles?

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Easier to make doesn't make it easier to master

There I said it.

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Very odd we never got a sequel considering how popular Clone trooper fiction has become in the last 5 years.

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I guess it's time to buy the game. I don't even have a GPU to play it.

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Lmao that video has been proven fake.

But congratulations to everyone falling for the disinformation campaign.

If you objectively look at Gamestop financials you'll know they've been doing better than they ever have in years. "Lay-offs" are natural and any retail lay-offs pale in compared to how many lay-offs happened at Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc

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Total FUD push for propaganda. Tencent's business is tiny compared to Sony or Microsoft once you remove the mobile games revenue. Also many of Tencent's investments are non-controlling stakes.

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That's why Patcher from Wedbush has come out bashing Sony and praising Microsoft. He needs Microsoft to take the deal.

Wedbush is very heavily long Microsoft and always has been. It is their second highest share holding only slightly lower than Apple. In comparison they hold no Nintendo nor any Sony shares.

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LMAO Wedbush fuck off

Who do you think has a massive long position on Microsoft shares?

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Still holding on to my Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii steelbook edition.

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This website is literally the only place to be so delusional as to call Nintendo's recent financials strong.

Everywhere and everyone that isn't bias can see hardware sales dropping 21% YoY is a sign the Switch is arriving at saturation point for the console.

It is time for a new generation and Nintendo knows it.

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After all these years they still haven't fixed his weird walk and run animation that's as if he has a diaper full of crap. Once you see it you can't unsee it.

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If this guy says it then you know the opposite is true.

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