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The less you know the better the game will be when you play it.

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Who says it's laid to rest? They can always continue with spin offs like The Lost Legacy.

But even if it is put to rest that's fine, like they say if your famous it's better to die young that to fade off into obscurity. They can always create a new series, it's ND as long as they continue with there fantastic story telling ultra levels of polish and unmatched voice acting any game they make will be a hit. Personally I really want them to make Savage Sta...

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I can't wait to continue this series. Oh man the feels.

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The fact that it's in 4k is far less important than the fact that it is being remastered and will be yet another PS4 exclusive.

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"Sony are opportunists. They take advantage of any mistakes the competition does and exploit it. Nothing wrong with that and is actually beneficial to them but let's be honest, they do cater to the extreme fans of theirs and they know it. All it really does is fuel the console wars feud even further and curates this segregation between the two parties more and more."

Yea, it was totally Sony who started this and not Microsoft las...

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I believe that line was "in Phil we trust" it seemed comically popular kind of like "da beast" is now.

And at least Sony actually delivers games unlike Microsoft which just delivers hype.

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Yes, the (unconfirmed) number has been leaked publicly, but it has been confirmed by Zhugex that PS4 did win NPD in November.


"Kiss their fans ass on stage then go back to business as usual."

Buisness as usual is having the best 1'st and 3'rd party exclusives... so uh great!

And that's a whole lot better than Phil coming up on stage and false hyping some timed exclusive indies that have been on Steam for years don't you think?

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Don't buy games with MT's

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Should be good.

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It's hosted at Microsoft Arena you know they had to have a games as a service category.

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Never heard of a console melting before, I'm pretty sure you just made that up.

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Well... at least it wasn't PUBG...

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I just have to say lol before this gets closed haha why is right...

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It certainly has mass appeal, it definitely has a good chance of being 2018's best selling game.

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I'm sorry, I wish I could help you, but some things you'll just need to figure out on your own through honest thought and introspection.

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