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But I thought all ps users excluding myself own high end pc's?

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You are correct, people dumb people do fall for marketing and pr, just like I did with

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Should of gone to spec saver

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I've not had any issues with quick resume at all, I put gta5 in my xsx after not playing for 2 months and it put me straight back to where I left off.

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The first TLOU is in my top 5 games along with halo 1,3, dead space 1, phantasy star 2.
But the tlou 2 was a real let down with way to many pointless flashbacks and a way over drawn story, I really had to force myself to play through the first part thinking the games was nearly finished and then found out I had another 8hrs+ playing as abby.
I did not finish the game, went no YouTube to watch the ending.

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Somebody is salty lol

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Drop cross play with pc, I was all for cross play but didn't want pc included, 2 of my mates alway brag about how they cheat on war zone

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Wow, someone is salty lol

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Wow you really are salty, ain't you. Lol

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WTF are you on about?
I'm not moaning and whining, if fact I don't really care, yes it's unfortunate for him but all I want is good games, don't care who makes them as long as I enjoy them regardless of which platform they are on, but to bring TLOU 2 in to it is just ridiculous, it sound like you would defend it even if you hated it because your a fanboy.
Yes I hated the game, way to many pointless flashbacks and found the game so overdrawn ...

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I can't wait to get the mini fridge lol, that thing looks awesome.
Maybe sony will bring out the oversized Internet hub.
I am joking, I own both platforms

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It is coming to xbox!

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And where have you do all that before? I couldn't put my finger on it at first but, climbing towers to open map, taking base's by disabling alams, hunting animals for bigger ammo pouches and crafting ammo, fetch and find quests 10 to the dozen.
It's 3rd person far cry 3 clone with robot dinosaurs, it's an OK game but not great.

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Wow salty AF

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I own all platforms and support and dev that makes a good game.
Game pass is really great value it let's me try the games BEFORE I buy the physical copy.
Just wish I could play some of the ps games before I buy them that way I'd never of brought the last of us 2 which I brought off of the greatness of the 1st game.

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The next DLC is coming very soon, its called a glitch in the matrix

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Wow salty AF. Leave, go sit in a padded room somewhere. I'm seriously concerned about you and others around you. Seek help

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Yes it does play best on xbox, as with most games, well done you.
Pssst I also own a ps5 but chose to play on the console where the games run best without all the hassle that come with pc gaming.

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It's far from limited.
I also prefer to own physical copies of my games but with game pass I can try them before I buy them, also try games that I wouldn't normally buy.

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@ Atticus finch
The games they put on GP most i wouldn't normally buy but GP gives me the opportunity to try before I buy.
It's a brilliant idea, I would say its saved me money but its actually made me buy more games.

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