da pheat makes u taste da feet 'defeat' ;o


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this is legit

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fifa 16 seems to be alot harder to win this year, like on fifa 15 i was wreckin ppl now its the other way around, it does not feel like "fifa" but its still a really good game.

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put me in a dark room and give me aload of sleeping tablets and ill see u again in 2 weeks

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last time i played pes was 06 when you could score cracker goals with adriano he was the main player for that franchise at that particular time. i think john terry was on the front aswell if my memory is correct.
but yeah im not really in to basketball myself althou i have tried them and seem to find them very one dimensonal as it seems to be the same game you play every match if that makes sense. score defend score defend score defend.
but football has alot of different asp...

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well it does need something cause its been the same game the passed 4 years. with little to nothing new in the game
they should work more with bap.

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the game is awesome

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youve woken the hive

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fair play to 363 for going down a different route.
if it works, i think so as the fan base is powerfull.
somthing new

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he could actually mean by life. for example

this man is fast at making choices he has been living by life in the fast lane.

so theoretically your wrong to correct them, even thou presumption tells me you are correct and the way he meant it was goodbye life but still the by life can still be paraphrased.
so you sir lose by correcting a correct statement.

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i just got bloodborne today played it for 3hours and got passed the first 2 bosses the cleric and the graveyard guy.
both where pritty easy.
the hard part for me was finding out where to go and to get there with the gear i needed. like my health regen and cocktails.
this person who reviewd this game, his opinion should not be considered and i will tell you why, he obivously cant play the game so he will obivously give the game a bad score because he is incapable of p...

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me and my friends cant wait for this.
6-7 of us playing against each other on ps4?

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yes please i need somthing like this please

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pause it at 0:19 seconds. ps4 has extra tree and extra shader where tree is xbox has faded, as a software programmer and computer technorati i know the xbox 1 is lacking in some departments compared to the ps4 and if i am really honest its not just this game. clearly the games are being made for ps4 and they are being "dumbed down" for x1 not by much thou maybe by 1 brain cell but i guess thats all it takes for ppl to take a mile.

dont be pissed when i say lacking ...

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i know son long, thats hideo koshimas son....

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really dude? come on look at the order that game is beastly. nothing the x1 has got compares as of now. the sooner gears or halo is released then maybe yeah but i read the reason they are holding back right now is because the console cant play the games in native 1080 and ruin the frps and like them games need to be perfect or there will be serious lag in pvp

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2 good games in there you mentioned. the rest suck. they are easy and have no good pvp except halo and gears.
the rest are boring even forza failed on the x1 it just sucked ass

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well that is great to here, but only then will i purchase one. so i guess this is them admitting ps4 boned them royaly and my decision to purchase the ps4 at launch was correct. never the less i will purchase the x1 when it gets on terms.

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don't believe i am going to say this but i am going to cut down my hours on this game.
i have every exotic except the scout riffle that one person has.
have a 30 warlock and 29 hunter and cba to do a titan.
i played 15 days of this. liturally. will come on every tuesday and weekend just to stay in touch other than that the game for me now has been in the disc tray long enough.... roll on gta

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