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I agree with the people he's arguing against. Straight up sequels should play like the games that came before them. If I like a game and I'm invested in the story I want more of that. I think a good example is the Dragon Age series. The first games were wildly different then the sequels which pissed off a lot of its fans.

If you want a different experience you should play a different game. If a developer wants to make sweeping changes don't do it in the sequel ...

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On the other hand i am only playing because there is a subscription. Like SWTOR i will quit as soon as the game goes F2P.

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How would a game coming out for consoles not have native controller support?

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I really hope they start porting to next gen soon. I want to play Walking Dead season 2 and The Wolf Among Us but i do not want to play them on older consoles. I want my saves to be on my current console so that if they get continued in the future im not dragging out a old console each time.

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It's a shame i will never play this game because it is not coming to next gen. FF15 is looking bad ass still though.

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Yes if you buy it on the ps3, ps4 or pc you can play the same character from every platform. Also if you ever purchased this game on the pc you do not need to purchase it again you get it for free. I plan on continuing to play on the pc for now and i might pick up the ps4 version later.

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I don't really understand why they keep remaking every final fantasy but leave out the most wanted one. Sony just needs to write a big fat check to Squarenix and say remake FF7 and have it be a timed exclusive for the playstation vita. Bam you just sold a ton of vitas.

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GeoHot won't even release a jailbreak and unlock for the iphone 3.1.3 because he is worried that then he will not be able to crack 4.0. Is he very talented at what he does? Yes. Is he no longer in it for the challenge and just want's the admiration? I think so.

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he must plan on beating them on the pc or plan on developing for the ps3. The graphics are simply not possible on the 360. You could never run at a high enough resolution for instance.

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I'm hoping its going to be a gears of war 3.

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I wish they would just send this dbag to prison.

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These guys must hate money. If you made a remake you could kotick it and charge twice as much as regular throw in a key chain and still be one of the highest selling games this gen. whoever is in charges of actually being profitable over there since squaresoft died and this crap hole squarenix was formed sucks at their job. They have provided nothing for the fans they make a bunch of crappy off shoots in the series throwing the final fantasy title on a bunch of sub par games just to get some ...

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We dont even know that sony is making a profit on console sales they certainly were not when the first warranties started running out. Why would they destroy consoles only to lose more money on game sales possible lost customer or to lose more money if they buy another one.

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I was so excited about this game the beta was fun the customization was awesome. But then the game launched and it was completely different than everyone expected the developers completely changed the game on launch day. Huge bait and switch. I thought oh well ill play they will fix it the game is still new. 2 days later i had reached the level cap had done the 2 endgame dungeons. There is nothing left to do. there is nothing massive or multiplayer about this game is is a online game and that...

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ffxi has had pc and ps3 cross platform play for like 7 years and pc 360 ps3 cross platform play for like 2 or 3 of them don't really remember. Either way i never really heard a single argument about which was the best way to play everyone had their own preference didn't matter as long as you did you job.

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How long have they been running the i am a mac commercials. Yeah those may be against the pc in general and not microsoft but everyone knows what they are implying. If they want microsoft to stop running these commercials maybe they should stop making fun of all of us using a pc.

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Even the realm of Lotro books comics games does not beat warcraft lore. I have a feeling you have never actually looked how much warcraft lore is out there. FFXI really does not have much for in game lore until you get to end game because you do not do quests to lvl you get zero involvement until you try to do expansion missions which if you can get a group for suck trying to complete. i played ffxi for 4 years and never finished rize of zilart or CoP. Warcraft lore is incredibly deep and ver...

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yeah when i talked to the sup i didnt ask to authorize another one i just wanted them to remove all of the old ones so i could activate my new one but i dont have the reciept for my new one so they couldnt they were nice just not helpful.

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I used to be a pretty big sony fanboy but after this latest fiasco with not being to authorize my new ps3 for video and dlc game content because i cant deauthorized my old broken one i kinda hope they crash and burn. They do not care about the customers at all. I know they are a for profit business and im not expecting hugs and presents i just want to be able to use what i paid for and now i can not without losing my whole psn id and starting over.

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They need a system to purge all old ps3's from your account. I just had to delete my main psn id because sony is stupid and only allows you to have 1 console asigned to your id for video content. So i call them up and they are useless and tell me i need to deactivate myself ( i can't i dropped that ps3 and it broke) when i tell him that he says well i need you to fax me blah blah blah when i say why he says so we know that you are not trying to steal content. When i ask him how i could steal ...

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