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I got Windows 7 as the House Party release! ^-^ Epic win! Its pretty nice, had it since the 16th I think. Runs great!

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What exactly is the purpose of this? Unless you're on a curved screen I don't get how it would work. Sure, small head movements, but those on a smaller screen it would probably be pointless to. Especially those of us who sit far away from the screen.

It's a cool concept, but what's the exact purpose of it?

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More sales... More bullcrap the consumer shouldn't care about.

Seriously, why do people care so much about sales figures of their beloved consoles? Why not just play the games and enjoy them, instead of wasting your time on N4G spamming away your hatred to another console? If your console is updating, or you're away, sure. Clearly, though, a lot of these guys spend their whole days on this place.

Get a life and grow up. Sheesh...

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I can't wait for this. My buddies from Benning and Sill all have this preordered now. Can't wait to kick ass with them in this game...

Till I go to real combat. :/

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Bubbles back, my friend!

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War has changed...

It's no longer about consoles, games, or genres

It's an endless series of money battles, fought by Microsoft and Sony

War, and it's consumption of money, has become a well oiled machine.

War has changed.

ID tagged fanboys use ID tagged games, use ID tagged controllers

Nanomachines inside their bodies...

Ehhh screw it. You get what I'm saying.

Boredom ...

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Erm.... just because it's using all the SPE's doesn't mean it's using all their power. As someone stated earlier, their car would idle and still be using all 6 cylinders. The engine isn't hardly being pushed, but the cylinders are still in use.

I guess you didn't read the article. Not once does the guy say "Uses all the PS3's Processing Power." He says "Uses all the PS3's Processors"

>.> Title is misleading.

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All of that coming from a guy with a Halo avatar...

No split screen... so what? Also, you clearly don't know the epicness of the battles on KZ2, you clearly don't know the features(specifically clan features) and you obviously are trolling.

Hey, what about Gran Turismo 5 Prologue? It's a demo and it sold 3 million copies. It's a demo and its already crazy good.

Ugh, stupid trolls. Oh, FYI, KZ2 is AAA according to Metacritic...

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Wait a minute... Don't you hate Sony and PS3? .... I've been gone from this site for too long... Are you being sarcastic? O_o

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Ugh, I just want a [email protected] RPG that isn't so [email protected] complex. What the [email protected] happened to turn based random battles with some puzzles in between bosses and all that cool stuff while being able to adventure the world. Now it's all about whose system is more complex and realistic. I want to play a friggin game, not friggin life. I play games to get away from life.

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So, you'd rather say fck the people who were shipped to fight the war, rather than those who started it?

No real soldier would do anything murderous, illegal, or immoral over there. They're doing their duty. WHy don't you go to Iraq? What if they shoot at you first, who is the murderer then? It's not like we're going over there to kill civilians. We're going over there to try and maintain peace. We aren't invading, we're upholding.

We aren't going into random civili...

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I want 4-player splitscreen.

Some of us still have friends in real life, y'kno.

Unless KZ2 can be set up on a LAN............ Hmmm. I have an unmanaged 24 port switch just waiting for a LAN. Next saturday my friends and I are going to have a COD4 LAN.

Can you imagine 10 PS3's in one household? Good thing I'm not paying the electric bill! :D

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Flower is crazy fun. I played the first level and I had a blast. I wanted to play more but I had to leave my friends house. :P.

If only he'd share it with me, I have a killzone 2 demo code that hasn't been used yet, and already have the demo.. ;-)

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Statistically, the people with smaller screens have better results with online games. Lol.

Maybe it's because there's less eye movement and trying to find everything is easier? I have a smaller screen and I do quite well. Too bad its a 26" 720p Vizio...:(

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What? That made no sense. It's not an emo hairstyle. I don't see their bangs going over their eyes.

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Just like you said, every argument needs a counter argument. :D Plus, I'm bored...

1. Xbox LIVE
Good, but you gotta pay for it.

2. Xbox LIVE Marketplace/LIVE Arcade & Netflix
PS3 has a video store, and enough original games plus some classics(Minus good PS1 games :( )

3. Halo (It's a proven franchise)
True Strike

4. Gears of War (Another proven franchise)
Again, true strike

5. Xbox LIVE Primetime (It ...

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Lol, mine broke on the same day GTAIV released.

Sad part is, after about 3 hours of playing GTAIV, all I could think was, "I waited that long for this?"

So I went outside. It was the worst 15 minutes of my life!!

(For those who don't know, I'm only kidding about it being the worst 15 minutes of my life. :P)

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I finally played the demo and...

Well, I suck at the game. I'm used to COD4 but KZ2 is really alot more fun once you get used to it. The graphics... the sound... the atmosphere... the AI... the weapons...

All of it, every damn thing about KZ2 is great. Feb 27th can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I personally love the Zelda 64 games above all others. They just have a good atmosphere to them, perhaps? Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game, and favorite 64 game, and perhaps one of my most favorite games of all time. It was so different at the time compared to others, and it was just a real blast to play. It was a long game, it had puzzles. It was just a very well made game.

Sure, the story was a little lame, but fitting.

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Please, tell me that's sarcasm.

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