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780d ago

Yeah Rockstar, stay on the path of catering to the vile woke groups and just wait, you will still offend them somehow.
Expect gta6 to be a boring safe space.

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Some peoples should also realize that theyre not slave and can change their job if theyre not happy, its not forced labor and never was.

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Look like Ted cruz live inside your head, for free. Probably Donal Trump too.

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Controversial..... for a bunch of twitter weirdos, oh the drama!

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This blog post look like someone trying to convince himself, btw did you feel better?
Because i dont really like the color red so maybe i should blog about it too.

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"it’s also one made about a Chinese protagonist by a team with virtually no Chinese people on staff." How can someone in their right mind write this and beleive that hes reviewing games..., at this point its just extremism and being a woke militant.

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The pakistani gov will execute you if you say bad things about their religion, yet find the time to blame games for an individual crime...

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Played it in 2018, how salty can i be?
Lol, projection at its best!

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Meanwhile, my 7 1080ti mining rig is running 24/7, with great results for the last 5 years, at some point i almost got myself an new 10 000$ asic miner but ended up getting two used antminers l3+ for a decent price.

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Better late than never i guess.

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You think for yourself, nothing else.

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Someone is twisting your arm or something?

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Its about time. Seriously.

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Felt boring to me, was almost like a chore to finish.

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Dull, boring and generic at best. I wont even talk about the typical kotaku employees they used as characters.

This will flop HARD.

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But but but, what about all the bloated boring contents? You dont want to waste your previous time on futile ubisoft fetch quests?

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Zoomers row.

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Indeed, lame.

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