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I'm enjoying it on steam but I agree that it still needs a lot of features and content. Story is also pretty short and you're probably done with it after 30 mins. But yeah it's still an early access game so I hope it will eventually be as good as sea of thieves.

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I love the switch but qualitywise the joycon is probably one of the worst controller out there. Mine drifts and became wobbly in just a few months of use.

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I can't preload it yet.

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People still fail to realize that the problem is chris roberts himself. His planet sized ego and perfectionism mixed with fanboys allowing him to do whatever he wants is basically the downfall of the game.

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I love that they're just making a roadmap of the game's roadmap. Goes to show that this game has no direction at all, terrible management, and worse is that they're probably just making stuffs up as we go. And to think that this was a game that supposed to come out since 2016.

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Digital foundry : "Don't worry guys it's just the lighting."

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Platinumed it a few days ago and it's so good. Hope they fix the ai for the sequel because they can be really dumb at times.

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Atleast after the xbox event I'm pretty certain now that there's really no reason for me to buy next gen consoles day one.

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I doubt. Even ac and watchdogs aren't even safe from the repetitiveness of ubisoft.

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Great. Can't believe it's only four days left to play this game.

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Just keep the exclusives, japanese games, and indies coming, they will be fine.

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Wow more than 50 and it even includes top players. Is there a trashier community than the smash community?

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Well the closest villain we have was the wlf/seraphite leader although they're barely in the game but it's also pretty clear that naughty dog doesn't want to establish a real villain and everyone is just fueled with their own agenda or to protect the people they love. I feel like it's kinda cruel to turn ellie into a villain since she actually wanted to sacrifice herself for the cure and save humanity.

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The ending was pretty open ended and there was no resolution to joel's death heck it's not even known if ellie is still going to be the main protag of the third game.

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Actually I supposed to write lied but wrote cheated instead. My bad.

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She cheated on ellie and put her pregnancy in danger, I think it's the other way around.

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The only thing I dont get with ellie is that she kinda became a heartless killing machine and goes on a murder spree even killing every one close to abby but when she finally fights her at the end she spared her and even let her go. Like what's the point of her whole journey and leaving her life with dina? Also it sucks that joel is nothing more but a plot device in this game.

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Lincoln was a pretty boring character. I'd rather put balrog or jax there than him.

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Hey remember this? https://www.youtube.com/wat... Then 2020 came still no sandworm. Lol!

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Why don't the people who always get offended with everything do us a big favor and just quit gaming

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