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Incorrect, Sony could still unveil it as an unannounced title, especially since it would be an unexpected reveal. Square Enix never listed their line-up for FF15.

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Never expect a FALLOUT game to look gorgeous, Fallout is about the gameplay, story, lore, and atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, the graphics look decent, but that isn't my main concern. I play on PC, and since Bethesda games are the most popular games to be modded into oblivion, these issues will no longer be issues, unless you play on consoles. Yet, I rather have an honest trailer then bullshots.

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Clearly Fury Road is not a Mad Max movie, as Foxtrot knows what a real Mad Max movie is more then George Miller /s

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Why not both?

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A gaming PC isn't used for one game, it is used for multiple games to have a better experience overall with better graphics and fps.

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Personally, a 750ti is a poverty card, and won't provide a good performance at Ultra with the new games coming out.

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From other modders on the GTAforums:

"The person who said it isn't moddable was talking about his own ENB shader mods, which may indeed not be possible based on his own skill. The game is NOT locked down. We still have .rpf files that the game is enclosed in, and as soon as someone reverse engineers the game's executable we'll have the "key" to open these files and do what we want. ENB's developer has also been known to post pretty delusional th...

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@HammadTheBeast For specific games, such as, MMORPG. However, the rest do not charge mostly subscriptions and are not required to pay another charge to access online on top of ones internet bill.

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This, however, the guy in the video exploits the monsters. I've done this in around 5mins for 20-30k souls without baiting the monster to my advantage. It is much quicker to just dodge and attack them.

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I am a fanboy of the Souls series, however, if you are defending load times then you're complexity delusional. Load times should not exist in this time and age, especially 40 seconds. I hope the game will be optimized further down to decrease this obnoxious load times.

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Don't forget the replay value of NG+ and the creation of other classes. This game will last more than 40-50+ hours for me :)

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This. You can just apply for beta firmwares and try to get in that way instead of doing this.

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Some new information:

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Good. We don't need cinematic bs experiences, we need gameplay. This isn't a movie but a video game.

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Yeah...I am definitely not purchasing this blunder. I'll save my money for Bloodborne.

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Just stop. I was optimistic about this game, I wanted it to be successful. But a subpar 5 hour cinematic experience is not a video game. Its not just IGN, but all reviewers are giving it a 6 and below. Maybe we can move forward from these cinematic bullshit experiences to video games with actual good gameplay. This is a rental.

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Most likely. People tend to make someone feel emotional by killed off a main character in games, televisions shows, animes, and movies. It's overused.

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One can only hope it is. This game will be GOTY.

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There are a lot of idiots, so it is expected.

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