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Wow, based on this review I wouldn't trust your opinion on any game. This game is pure unmitigated trash. Whoever wrote the plot wouldn't know a good story if it ran over them with an 18 wheeler, and the gameplay is even worse. You couldn't give me this game if you put it in a PS5 that I was being given for free. It's a sorry excuse for a pirate game or a game in general. I'd give it a 3 at best.

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Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, he's the Kathleen Kennedy of Naughty Dog. He road the coattails of better men and women, and then when they left and he took over, the company starts to decline. They should toss him out and hire a talented person who wants to ENTERTAIN gamers with ENTERTAINING GAMES.

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I also own a ps5 and a gaming pc, so does my son.

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So the lesson to your daughter would be that if someone says something you don't like, then physically assault them? You're quite the role model. How about teach her its OK to defend herself from harm, and also ok to ignore people's words. Stick and stones. Oh and the problem is, you won't always be able to be there.
Oh then there's the "don't associate with idiots".
It takes 2 to have a fight and from the comments it seems the woman...

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Wow... you're so angry. You should seek professional help. Life is too short to walk around offended.

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Yes, can't wait!
Wheres the collectors edition with statue? Or the special edition ps5 with ratchet and clank theme?

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Yeah but as Nacho said, your removing parts of the actual system and replacing them with new ones. What if they were made cheaper and when someone moved their console they came off allowing the console to fall and be damaged? Some people would blame Sony. I actually feel that Sony may allow some companies to license and make plates, but probably with very strict guidelines.

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Wouldn't they have to get licensing rights to be able to make accessories that attach directly to another companies product?

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Omg...I was eating lunch when I read this and nearly choked laughing so hard. Lol...I was thinking kind of the same thing, though you said it so much better.

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Good question. I mean, first off, I've never even heard of this guy so that alone makes me not care at all. And second, he only took a picture of the controller, why is that? Why not of the system and or the games. I for one thinks he's full of crap and he's just messing with people, which makes me care even less. Now, if Nathan Fillion was playing video games with him, then I'd care only because I think it would be fun hang out and play a video game with Nathan Fillion

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Ristul, That is spot on. Once they take control, they will control the content and what you pay. I mean, what are you gonna do, Stop playing video games?

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MS buying up companies will never be a good thing. MS is not a great company to start with. They want complete control over any industry or market they are in. Not to push it forward or make it better, but to own it and price it however they wish. Once they control the market, they can control the content and the price. We need more competition not less.

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Greatball1987, they try to use it as an insult, but it isnt. And it isnt really even so called "boomers" that they despise, its the truth that they hate. Unfortunately for them truth doesnt age, it doesnt change with the years or because someone tries to twist it. Its still Truth whether you choose to believe it or not. You cant run from it and you cant hide from it no matter how badly you'd like to. Its always there just as their hatred is.

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You are not alone. I watched the showcase with no preorder date given, but I kept checking some stores anyway just to make sure. Then I saw a story on here about a Sony tweet stating pre orders beginning "tomorrow" (now today) and so I started dinner with my family. At 8 my son says Best buy is selling it, we all (4 of us) jump on and add to cart,...but it would never let us get completely thru checkout. It just kept hanging up at different places and then kicking us back to cart un...

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Eldar, it's actually a line from The Mummy with Brendan Fraser.

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Ok Playstation fans. This is the moment we've all been waiting for. The race is about to begin.

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Not right now it isn't.

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I agree, my son, my nephew and I were playing Grounded on PC game pass and i was ok with paying basically $10 monthly ($5 each for me and my son) for that and a couple other games, but I am not so ok with paying $20 a month. Probably gonna cancel it. Just not worth it. The subscriptions are getting out of hand. Between game subs and tv subs, Its getting way to costly.

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Great story...brings back memories of my first experience with the PS1. I was 20
It was early 1996, I went with a friend, over to another friends house and when we walked into his bedroom he was playing Battle Arena Toshinden. I was like "what is that?" and he said it was a Sony Play Station (thats how I heard it). And I was like, wait, what? Sony made a games console? And there it was, the grey console with a flip top that held a disk. It was instant love at first sight.....

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A mini washing machine to go with the mini fridge. What's the point of the giant dot?

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