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I'll pay it because these games are better then most games we have now to play and 5x longer..Plus I would definately love to have my ps2 library back I lost mine in a divorce lol

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I'm glad there no check points. Noone likes to work for anything in this game it seems.

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ps4 it is

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No proof here..useless post except for the guy above don't give out your passwords for any reason.

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Well of coarse i'm buying this for my ps4 version!Thanks Bungie Look forward to it!

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Wow..everyone I know that has a ps4 has had absolutely no problem with it..probably the same 5 people under different names and accounts spewing my ps4 died on every popular website across the internet on how the ps4 has a high failue rate..its amazing how the media controls the weak minded and how people will always look for 1 flaw and hype it up....nothing is perfect.

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Nope ps+ subscriber from day service out there.

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Ps4 for sure...never buy a xbox180

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Well I've been building friends on ps since Socom1 and EQOA..that's along time..nice to play wth old friends from way back then from time to time.but I know I don't have 2000 but who knows how many friends you'll make this gen.

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xbox 180 offers me nothing...I already have a TV service..but at least MS put in a bluray player this time lol..Which is a sony product..would that mean for every 180 bought Sony get a little money for bluray??

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Fail story because if you look at the top 10 its full of ps4 game bundles and The last of us...How is that a victory lol

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pre ordered aswell the mighty ps4

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I enjoyed the game and DLC also and got my Platinum trophy..This game made me laugh lot and that's all that matters.

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Yep that's why I play ps3! plus its better hardware all around.

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I liked all them all..but everyone seems to like COD games they release every 8 months of the same old crap rehashed over and over. We'll put some gay perks in this one and it will sell millions.

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I play the ps3 version and I barely seen any of these for ps3 being buggy if you ever seen any of the exclusives play on ps3 you'd notice that 360 is holding the ps3 back because multiplats have to be somewhat the same quality and around 8 9 gig because of the awsome dvd 9 or MS will start crying. Anyway no problems here clean the laser maybe or keep greasey fingerprints of the disc.

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This website has lost all credability...i can't believe this guy who wrote the article is that dumb..just us gamers know more this clown.

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I bought mine for ps3..looks great but remember they do these shots on ps3 default setting...can tweak it in settings....half these sights get busted for using ps3 footage for 360 footage so i don't believe any of this's here for hits and flame wars

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Most of you on here believe the rumour mill like its gospel...try playing it and make your decsions instead of the media telling you what to do. Ps3 is the version I'm playing.

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Yeah to much expense..especially many other companies made trophy patches for pre trophy games...Uncharted Drakes fortune was 1.

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