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modders never started modding to have people pay for their mods.

They mod for the same reason People build up their car or truck and take it to car shows.

They showcase their work. They get noticed by the community they're involved in. Then if they're good enough they get offered jobs at the companies they dream of working for.

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I don't think these girls are going to change anything. the white knights like cg will voice their opinions but what she is "demanding". There is no market for.

Strong female leads don't make a good game. a good story with good gameplay makes a good game. Doesn't matter if it's a male or female playing the lead.

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I remember this argument.

Back in 2007

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probably because pc gamers aren't fooled by Battlefield...

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"That's Cool" if you think it is...

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season pass...for a lotr game?


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so whenever someone draws something game related. It can be submitted as news?

good to know...

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it could be the game of the decade edition...

it's still not gonna change the story. or the gameplay. singleplayer games lack replayability if their told as a story such as TLOU and you've beaten it.

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wasnt happy in 2k14...


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bless Lord Gaben.

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his voice alone makes him more boring than Gordon Freeman.

at least with Freeman you can sit there wondering what he's thinking.

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except star citizen takes a crap out on anything coming out on ps4 or Xbox

see I can play that game too

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Imo it's looked dull from its announcement. It'll sell well I'm sure but from the get go I could tell I wasn't the demographic they made it for so I wont bash it.

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Ya I see it a higher frame rate. But it's not 60fps higher. I just think it's dumb to get excited at sub 40 fps.

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you confirmed that with what?

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Didn't see 60fps...

turned fraps on and sure enough. video was only mid 30's.

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? the game tanked because it was just a QTE snore fest. It has nothing to do with what console it was on.

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"With that logic, we should all be playing games on 4k monitors at 120fps and 1ms refresh rates"

with that logic you should be voicing your concerns about having to accept what was standard more than 10 years ago instead of willingly having it spoon fed to you while you clap your hands asking for more.

the more people that voice their concerns the more chance you don't get another gen like we just ran into. there was next to no progression hardw...

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"we've already spent WAY more than what PS Now is asking for games, and for inferior games as well."

No you haven't. In arcades if you were a regular often times you'd make friends. Real life friends. That was social gaming back in the day. It was worth the money spent.

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Again you're looking at custom firmware & drivers for the Morpheus to run on PC. Sony hardly builds peripherals that are plug & play on PC.

Microsoft bought into plug & play Kinect ONLY AFTER the PC community created their own custom software and they were trying to push this new hardware. There was no alternative for the Kinect coming out on PC in the horizon.

As for VR. Occulus is the driving force behind the hype. Sure you may argue that ...

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