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Why does this story not list platforms?

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My favorite RE game, and thats saying alot. RE2 is my second favorite.

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SOCOM got sniping right. As in your not running around and quickly picking people off. You are posted up somewhere on a hill in grass, and hit someone who carelessly goes out into the open.

I cant stand snipers in games now. Its not how sniping should be.

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This expansion has been amazing. Blizzard stepped it up this time.

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I will come back if they fix the load times and 'lag' I get due to the engine. Its not internet lag, but a dragging from the game engine. They really should have built the game on a different engine. I do love playing it, but I spend more time loading than playing.

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As for Destiny numbers, they do not include the PS4 bundles, which must account for a great deal sold on the PS4.

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People expected a full out MMO with this game, but for $60 and no monthly fee, I know I got more than my moneys worth. Great game, just needs better story telling. I am more than willing to pay for new content considering how much I played the older content.

The story alone is longer than most $60 games.

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Those subclasses sound awesome. Cant wait to try the Warlock subclass if true.

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Im loving the game. Its got a ways to go but for $60 and no monthly fee, I got more than my $$$ worth.

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The speed of them load times is also real. Damn this game loads fast. Love it.

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I seriously think this game is like "damn that dude is bad, we better help him out. here is EXOTICS!!!"

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Dont be blind. I LOVE Destiny, but the Story is terrible. You can like a game and be critical of it. They need to make the story somewhat tangible and clear. There is no explanations for anything that happens. Why are the Fallen, Cabal, and Vex fighting eachother? What in the fuck is the Darkness? They need to extrapolate and explain the details.

The game is so successful because the core gameplay is amazing. Its a brilliant FPS made by the best FPS developer.

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As a Sunslinger, the gloves are incredible so I dont mind. You can only have one exotic piece of gear equipped so Im ok not getting any others.

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SWTOR is profitable. It made back its money pretty early on, and then when the numbers dropped off, it went F2P. Sad, because its such a fun game. If they can fix the load time issues, I would come back.

(its funny that Im complaining about load times when Destiny is so bad and I cant put that down)

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Looks good, but I am so against kickstarter. Just too big of a risk I guess. There is one game I have helped because it is my only shot at getting another decent SOCOM game, and that is H-Hour.

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SOCOM 2 was the worst for me. I broke a lot of hardware like headsets, controllers, and even a PS2 playing that game.

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FF14 is really good, and it is a very large game, but it is confusing that it has a main installment number instead of being called FF Online.

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I am still giving this game some time. Most MMO (I know Destiny is not an MMO) games I have played were pretty bad at first. Not for the same reason as Destiny though. Destiny is quite well made from a technical standpoint, but it suffers in Story and content.

Still, I am enjoying it the more I play. I think this game will be one where players eventually rate it higher than the critics.

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This is going to sound like the same PR BS we got from Bungie, but the game is fun and I think it is worth it, especially if you got a couple of friends to play with.

I am not max level yet, but I am starting to enjoy it. Venus is awesome and I havent reached Mars yet. I just hope this game is going to have long legs.

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I have to admit the game has gotten better the more I played. I play SciFi games for their story/universe, and Bungie created one hell of an amazing universe with Halo. I am hoping this games story gets fleshed out better and they put more science into the SciFi because right now I am very annoyed with the way things are explained in this game.

Basically space magic. The Traveller and The Darkness. Really!?!??!

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