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I'm rank 20, a good few nights of playing with my mates, stupidly fun if you're into horror games with friends. PLAY KILLER. Three Vs Four is insanely exciting, not scary but it's tense and heart pounding, don't play solo though.

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Got mine pre-loaded on my PS5.. Finally, I only play multiplayer games like Evil Dead or DBD, so I am extra hyped for this! LETS GO!

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Bought my PS5 today, from £480 to £400? you're damn right I am snatching it up! feels so slick, downloading games all day today also, that £400 mark is a sweeeet point, all my friends are latching on and their PC folks, gotta take advantage!

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Eh? looks hype af my dude lol

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Nothing to look forward exclusively apart from Spider-Man 2 and Helldivers 2.. :/ that bothers me.

Shawn Layden I think his name was? was incredible, I don't think this Jim guy can be credited for the success of hardware, it's PlayStation, it's gonna sell the best anyways, it's the direct out of touch with hardcore gamers that worries me, that showcase was awful. Only two games peaked my interest, the rest are either indie trash titles or multiplatform.

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Fire this guy, we need somebody that actually knows what they are doing.

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Batman I totqally forgot about those two to be honest.. I am so invested in this Metal Gear rumour that I almost need it to be true, per PlayStation generation a Metal Gear Solid game has been the reason to own a PlayStation for me, the rest? pure sugar and additional gems, but MGS is my favourite series of all time.

With all the rumours, teases by Bluepoint through time regarding MGS? I almost guarantee it'll be there, of course it's pure speculation but it's w...

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So! here's my personal likely/unlikely self indulgent wants!
Metal Gear Solid 3: Remake - 70% Likely!
Metal Gear Solid 1: Remake - 40% Likely
BloodBorne PS5/PC Remaster - 20% Likely!
Spider-Man 2 Gameplay - 80% Likely!
Wolverine Gameplay - 60% Likely
Twisted Metal - 40% Likely
Castlevania - 60& Likely!
Wonder what you guys are hoping for and feel is likely, so many rumours as per usual.. one rumour proven true, th...

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I like to actually own my games, none of this "locked out because of" nonsense, and they look nice on my shelf. Too each his own!

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Not really sadly, his Evil Within series hasn't taken off or surpassed his previous creations in any way, I do wonder why he left Capcom though..

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Must of felt like playing with his granchild, surreal & very cool moment for him!

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Oh, y'know, just one of the few survivors of the most traumatic events that could possibly happen to a person, I'm sure he'll be fiiiine. Dumb ass article lol

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First time Resi Evil has ever gotten a 10 from IGN! That's so cool, I'm ready boys.

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Missed? the original already exists as does he, can only be erased if the OG never happened. Let's see how our homie holds up in the remake, thinking of him as a new guy, as the remake series Leon is also a different guy to the OG.

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This has me PUMPED! LETS GOOO!!

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Wish I was a car person so I could enjoy this like others do, but I appreciate the bar it sets, which games like this are supposed to do, good shi! just awaiting a few horror games for VR and I'm set!

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Can someone explain how that's possible..? I thought the Series X had slightly more power? technology is so confusing haha!

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If this doesn't get this political acti.. I mean "reviewer" fired, I don't know what will.

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Legacy of Kain.. no debate about it.

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Tekken's Milf is still kickin! not wild about the sunglasses, but cool design!

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