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There isn't any competion in the fps genre. It's an untapped market but Sony doesn't realise that and wates millions on their failer live service game based in cinematic narative drives game -_-. Their leadership is clueless.

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Another thing to have to switch off along with the haptic feedback and the alway on controller mic. Thanks Sony for making gaming a chore.

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Their studios have become focused on cinematic aaa narative driven games with simple gameplay interactions and have no idea how to compete with others in the multiplayer space. Sony has been shutting down their studios that did something different and now thats all they are left with and can't expect them to change their ways. You cant force a studio to make something based on appealing to a target audience as a cash grab.

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Modern Warefare 1 & 2 are the best yet. Have you played the old ones recently? None of them hold up. What competitors does COD have? The finals was janky. Terible controls on top of the time to kill being far too long and nothing unique that hasn't been done before. There is a big opening for developers to create something on par with COD but they always f..... up the controls and add nothing innovative.

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Not a good way to treat the developers. They want to make something amazing as they have a passion for games. The shitty decisions will only demotivate the talent and f... the publishers in the long term.

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The controls and time to kill are just wrong. If it can change then it has some hope but this will have quick death otherwise.

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Sony makes terrible decisions. Vita, PSVR, PSVR 2 and now this.

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I love pay to win. finally I have a chance.

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It felt more like an interactive movie than a game. The tv series worked far better than the inclusion of very basic 3rd person shooting and co op ladder gameplay. It doesn't hold up today though due to poor gameplay design.

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F-ZERO would be amazing. Link between worlds on switch is an obvious hd port. Pikmin looks tween and boring like on of those cozy time wasting games. At least this has gameplay unlike animal crossing.

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buy sony and nintendo

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It's bethesda. Usually its 10-15 fps. It may still look like a ps3 era game but they tried their best.

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Graphics look terrible lol.

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Sony is making all the wrong moves. The exitement of whats to come is gone.

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Looks nice visually. Breath of the wild for gameplay and fun and horizon to see pretty art.I can't wait!

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I pretty much only play COD on my ps5. Sony should have planned better.

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Breath of the wild and Mario Odyssey box. I haven't played anything else. It's been packed away for almost a year after moving as there is no reason to unpack it.

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Hopefully a proper PS5 version will get made at some point.

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Get woke go broke.

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