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Love the inclement weather in this game. Looks and sounds like a downtown Xmas. Toggle [on]

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That is true. TLOU2 has one of the highest completion percentages I’ve seen. Well after tee time. ND has to be happy about that.

I’ve seen that sentiment before, wouldn’t be surprised to see it again with Miles Morales. Less pigeons, more punch.

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Glorious. Don’t have a PS5 yet but I bought Spider-Miles digital and will upgrade to Ultimate when I do.

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Edit: oops, I meant A Thief’s End, not Among Thieves.

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I’d rather see Judgment 2.

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Happened naturally. Goes to show, you can’t always force or predict these things.

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The Andrew Garfield suit looks ace.

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It’s funny when you consider that a majority of gamers don’t finish what they start. Reviews might rally around umpteen hour rpgs, but when you pull up your cheevo list, a new reality sinks in.

GTAV, one of the most successful entertainment products of all time. On PS3, 29% completed the final mission. 16.7% on PS4.

More ppl finished Lost Legacy (50.3%) than Among Thieves (39.2%).

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Nice! Man, I haven’t played a 007 since Bloodstone. I look forward to seeing what the Hitman team cooks up.

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I loved walking street level in overcast weather during MM. More detail, more crowds, they even nailed the slushy driving sounds. Feels like they’re putting the money they make back into it. Bodes well for the next one.

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Wow! My early prediction was NOWHERE near that lol. That’s the sound of Marvel opening their IP vault to them going forward.

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Community support is a surprise since Dreams is literally community-as-a-service. No community, no Dreams.

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13 sentinels deserves narrative. George Kamitani spins so many plates that not only don’t drop, but aren’t even plates by the end of it. There is no spoon!

I’d replace TLOU2’s art direction with 13 sentinels’ hand drawn sci-fi, or Dreams’ hybrid buffet.

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Oh they are on the PS5 store? Awesome, thx for the update! I don’t have a 5 yet. Been living vicariously through my phone, lol.

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Oh, no. That’s not cool. I use a flash drive to backup and/or move my kids’ saves from one PS4 to another. I’ll add this to my firmware wishlist, beside wishlist.

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“You cant make this up!”

You just did. Abby wasn’t gay.

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Online UI is set up like Netflix with vertical categories that scroll horizontally. They stuck Southpaw in the pick up and play category but no, it’s no longer front and center.

Today’s feature includes Death on Detox Island, Alpine dream snowboarding and a link to community jam winners. Currently running a pixels competition. I just ran Pixel Dash, Pixel Pirates, Pixel Fish and Good Old Halloween Pinball for good measure. Got a weakness for the classics!

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Don’t Nod Entertainment with the power play, lol.

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I hear this every time.

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Where’s Dreams? It reviewed better than half of these.

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