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Literally no one wants Halo lol. Helldivers stole their lunch.

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This series was fantastic and will def. replay 2 again if they ever remaster it like the rumors suggest. I would love to see something new from ND. Would be neat to get a sci fi game based on the comics or a hero game based on the cards.

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Can't fix stupid.

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BotW and TotK (which feels like a copy paste) feel empty. I get Zelda doesn't always have the most intricate stories but OoT and WW made you feel something. To this day still some of my favorite all time games. The charm, dungeons, bosses, built the story. I think moving to an open world game just didn't translate well for this series.

I really hope they go back to what makes Zelda games great. (creative atmospheric dungeons / bosses, music that adds to the experie...

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I stated not liking FF15 because if 16 was similar "playing the demo" would be a gigantic waste of time. repsahj confirmed it's not so now I know.

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A bunch of neckbeards downvoting me lol. I'll try the demo out for sure. All I said was I thought FF15 sucked.

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lol what? I'm currently playing D4 and finishing LoU2. so yeah.. troll I do. (also stated I enjoyed FF7R)

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I don't know man.. I kind of want to try it out but after FF15 I don't trust FF. I did however really enjoy FF7 remake. I'll wait for more reviews.

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I can't really get into it. I just finished BotW recently after having gotten through 3/4 divine beasts the first time. This does feel too similar to BotW. The autobuild stuff is not for me. Didn't like it in other games and don't like it here. Gonna keep at it and see where it goes but as of right now.. It's just making me miss the old formula. (Particularly OoT and WW)

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As a ps5 and psvr2 owner.. that was weak af.

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This being a PS5 exclusive is super exciting. No holding it back.

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holy crap.. that looks awesome. MK started getting pretty convoluted so a clean restart sounds great!

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Kinda wish they move on from Horizon tbh.

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Can anyone answer my question since BotW.. Are there proper dungeons in TotK?

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I was referring to RE8. Thanks for clearing that up. This is fantastic news as my friend has been badgering me to play this game for a long time and for one reason or another I haven't gotten around to it so I'm very excited about this.

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Is it the same exact game? Or like a VR experience?

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Have they confirmed dungeons (not shrines)? Or will this be exactly like BotW? That'll determine whether I pick it up or not.

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The lack of dungeons and bosses really hurt the game. The coolest part of the divine beasts was the mini games to get on them. BotW really made me appreciate how perfect OoT was in it's time.

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Any dungeons? Or same open world blandness?

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Yeah, almost everybody shit on it pretty hard lol.

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