assassins creed FTW


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loooool all this hate for my opinion; if you guys like it then yes to each to their own but don't hate on a guy who doesn't. My post was in no way insulting to any of you fans of either but maybe i missed the memo stating that some games aren't supposed to be enjoyable or look all that great(in my opinion it has to do atleast one. criterion did both for me with hot pursuit)

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all those games you mentioned are some of my favourites and i cannot wait for them to release!!!!!!!!

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i downloaded the demo yesterday and i didnt think it looked that good or played that amazing i played gt5 when that came out and was underwhelmed but when i played nfs hot pursuit that blew me away it played great and looked amazing. criterian are the real kings of driving games i hope they make a few more need for speed games

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wow these devs are awesome new epic engine for each game while other bigger dev teams with more resources are content with the same engine for many years and charge extortionate amount for map pack i am of course talking to the nice(/s) people at infinity ward and the call of duty series

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hope they go back to england With the ability to have car chases along the m1 lol

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im still having fun in black ops being the lucky few out of everyone i know to not buy a single map pack lmao

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i dont think it'll be that bad looks they optimised the code very well

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your mums a flawed gem lol the game will be enjoyed by many what's the point of these articles?

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i never understood the appeal of this game i remember high school when like a third of the school would go crazy over it

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bethesda finally unveil the pc footage ;)

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i managed to ultra the game beta at 720p with an average 60fps hopefully the fill game will be even more optimised do i can run at 1080p at 60fps lol but one can only hope

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it plays well with my 360 wired pad?

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im also from the uk......

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lol oh yh i forgot the beta yh it did feel okay but i dont remember playing any 64 player maps

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remember the days when people bought the disc game on the day and went home and played it

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64 is tooooo much i remember mag that shit was overwhelming 24p is the perfect amount

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i wish i was that strong

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i loved the game but hated the ending *spoiler alert* it's sad

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no matter how much bioware tries!

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the fact that they sell you a very expensive 100kb unlock file most of the time pisses me off the most

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