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lol i love when you haters try n make it seem like everyone else is a bitter fanboy like you. "nobody will pay full price for starfield" LOL.

Top selling game on steam rn btw. you look foolish

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you do know the planets are simulated in real time right? the rotation the sun. if you land on a planet pointed away at the sun the sun rises n so on n so your research.

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a great game like 80% of the games they release

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haven't seen "the every PlayStation owner has a powerful pc" argument in a while. bravo

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nice comback kid. cope harder

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you gave alot of fanboy points "remember how hype redfall was" lol sure it was.

"Normal would be fixing performance issues and yet no one mentions that that is what they are doing before going gold."

If you did any research you'd see that the spent the last year polishing the game.

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lol it bothers you that he's excited for a game. On a GAMING WEBSITE. you guys rather hate for dumb reasons like it isn't on your favorite plastic box.

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nice try. you guys are on a tear lol

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bigger in what way?

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you got 6 billion reasons you hate this guy you need a life. who cares that much about someone they dont know. get help

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lol so mad.

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lol i can name many games that have live trailers. lol they're just saying anything now to hate. so pressed lool.

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the meltdowns are hilarious. most games have a live action trailer and a regular launch trailer. but you guys know that just being salty just because.

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Your reaching so hard. fake concern.

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give it a rest you cant be this salty.

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no one said anything about you goofy you responded to me. i have all 3 systems your the fanboy here. who cares what it looks like to you.

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Its not black and white. Just because you Arnt on the hype train means you need to hate on it. Can't relate if i personally not interested in a game i just wont care. vs stalk the articles of said game talking shit. it aint rocket science what a hype train got to do with how i feel? its clearly fanboy behavior.

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how can you hater for being excited for a game? that doesn't even make sense. vs being angry and hoping a game sucks. one sounds like a hater more than the other. keep fanboying tho. own multiple systems so you dont have to be a hater n just a gamer in general."LOL"

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dont bother this guy is obsessed with calling it no mans sky for some reason dating back for months.

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