I've become a Twitch Streamer. :)


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The same thing has happened to me, and I live in the United States. I got a new credit card and made the bank aware of the issue, then it happened again. It looks like the charges have finally ceased, though.

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Played the PS1 port a couple of years ago for the very first time. I enjoyed it. :)

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I cancelled my PS+ subscription as well. I was grandfathered in at $60 price for the year at the beginning of this month, so I have about a full year to play through all the Plus games to create some memories before cycling back to owned content.

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My yearly subscription renews in October and it will be my final renewal. I don't do multiplayer that much, I'll just be losing access to my Plus collection of games. So, I aim to play through that collection over the next year for the $60 I'll be paying and end the subscription.

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And the refurbed 64gbs are already out of stock. lol

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I love almost everything about this game, but I won't be buying it. I love its atmosphere: the graphic style, how the grease of slain enemy bots splashes on our clothing, the different outfits we can wear, how the weapons handle, the weapon customization, the basic enemies, and the music. What little of the story we got to experience is also very interesting.

The problems I have with this game all lie in its gameplay. First, there's no (or no identifiable) i-fram...

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Not yet. While waiting for new "KonoSuba" content I started watching another anime called "Initial D." Once I've finished with that series, which I almost am, I'll be back to "KonoSuba." :)

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"KonoSuba" = Favorite anime. I will definitely be picking this up. :)

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If I had the spare scratch and needed an X-Box Series controller, I would TOTALLY buy this one. I know nothing of "Starfield," but the controller looks SUPER RETRO, like a modern peripheral created for a vintage system. :)

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That's sad. The PS4 version was officially announced a long time ago, and that's the version I was planning to get since I don't have a PS5. Oh well, I wonder if it'll run on Steam Deck.

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Funny, some might say they never finished work on their last game. :D

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I don't know. Phil could be trying to play some 4D Chess.

"Did you see my last interview, lawmakers? I said that great games don't sell systems, so just let us buy Activision-Blizzard already." :D

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Same, I bought a GameCube for RE0. Granted, that was long after the game had come out, but it still counts. :D

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This is the biggest bit of gaming news this DECADE! This is MASSIVE! I'm SHOCKED that Valve can get away with this. This is scary crazy. No other major game creator, not Epic Games, Good Old Games, PlayStation, Nintendo, or X-Box would have the massive stones to do something like this. Maddening.

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I stay away on purpose, due to corporate office pressure. I know that I won't be pre-ordering anything, trading anything in, or getting a magazine subscription, and I also know that store employees get in trouble for making game sales without those attachments. I don't want my business to be the reason for a store employee getting in trouble and potentially losing their job. Ironically, subtracting my business from that chain so that it makes less money is the only way I can help t...

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Ditto. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition. After beating it, I'd say the one cool thing about this game is seeing some locations from FFI in full 3D graphics. Everything else was bad. I didn't even play the DLC when it came out, despite owning it via the deluxe version, and I have no intention to.

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I just beat "Dante's Inferno" this past Halloween. Holy Hell! Aside from the Circle of Greed, this game is great, it is literally the BETTER God of War. Shame we never got a sequel.

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The Super NES controller is their best, followed by the original NES and the WiiU. All other Nintendo-designed controllers are garbage.

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Before launch, Ouya had a better fighting chance than Stadia.

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100% true.

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