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No games + Laggy P2P online servers + no real benefit from Live subscription + Immature kids + 54% failure rates.....

M$ got the rights to be sweating.

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Another account to make yourself feel better huh...

I'm sure your very proud being 2nd place with a sh!tty console that breaks all the time & no decent exclusives to play.

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Infinite Aion...?

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Let us see how xbutts buy this game since they don't buy or play any


Give up mods banning me won't stop me from commenting.

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I bet the PS3's version cover will look much better.

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This Poor child is delusional, he think he owns a PS3... :(

It's okay I'm sure one day mommy will buy you one.

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Says the bot who play the 54%ScratchingBox3FixMe, is it still in the repair shop?

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GT prologue - 4,170,000

Forza Motorsport 2 - 4,000,000


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Because they're stupid malfunctioned bots like the one who's crying above.

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Wow so much hate, it's okay kid let it all out we want you sleep better tonight...

Poor M$ losing 10 billion $ everyday... :(


The mods banned me but i can still comment. :)

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Couldn't have said it better myself, bubbles...

Poor M$ losing 4.7 billion $ every year. :(

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Agreed, there's aleady Forza 3.

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B-b-b-b-but teh Natal is teh bestest & awesomest... :(


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That right because PS3 community head & shoulder above the 360, Jump Out & Play Beyond...

Poor M$ nobody care about their garbage console & it's flops not to mention the fact that their losing 4.7 billion $ every year.

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Suck it bots.

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LMFAO! 3FixMe garbage can't hold anything exclusive.....

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Meh why do i even bother responding to these morons...

54% now shoo!

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You mean " i was born a terrorist"...

So predictable from a kid who play MW2 on Live.

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One bot actually but can you blame him? no games & his 360 in the repair shop.

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This is coming from the retard who got multiple accounts trying desperately to troll in this site without getting owned...

What a waste of a human life.

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