Bring on God of War for PS5
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Backlog can wait
You gotta play Eternal
It’s bloody amazing and fun as hell

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I played it last night and it is now deleted off my console.
I played with every character and tried to give it a chance but honestly the game is a bore fest.
The music sucks too.
I also tried Surge 2 last night and that’s also deleted.
Gamepass has definitely saved me money

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If you have Gamepass you’d know that it’s already showing but when you click on the game to open it tells you it’s too soon

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Gamepass is awesome
I just downloaded My friend Pedro the other day and was blown away on how fun that game is.
I would have never played it or known about it without gamepass.
It truly does give me options to play games I’d never think of buying.

My friend Pedro is amazing if any of you never played it
Please try it if you get a chance

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2018 was the best but
2020 will blow it away

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The design blows
I have both the Xbox one and PsPro wall mounted behind my Tv
I don’t have anywhere I could place this thing near my Tv except on the floor next to the subwoofer

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Mine was either the Atari or the Odyssey

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Just two more days and hopefully we will get a release date

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Well they keep talking about it’s going to be the most powerful console ever so my guess is it will have a name based off that theory

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I wonder why The Last of us 2 was left off the most anticipated game list?
I put it down as other but it should have been listed

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Well they’re 3 for 3 with the last 3 games I bought that didn’t have micro transactions
Need for Speed Heat
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Plants vs Zombies fight for neighborville
They’re all great games
They could be listening to the fans now

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On a small monitor yes but a 65” or larger 4k TV no it doesn’t
I will try both modes
But I usually end up leaving it on higher resolution mode

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This is great news and all but I want to know what time it’s going to preload?
As of last night it still hadn’t on ps4.

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I have and finished it
Still not a fan of Kait

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The cops are not at all difficult to out run.
And the fact you mention a Bugatti tells me you haven’t played the game because that car isn’t in the game.

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Code Vein

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Well we know it will still continue with Kaits story which sucks
At least I was able to get rid of JD
They need to give the story and gameplay back to Marcus somehow and someway

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By a bunch of clowns that haven’t even played it.

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Thank you

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You’ll enjoy NFS Heat

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