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Second account? My kind? Lmfao. Retard.

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Better exclusives? Oh a bunch of Indies? No thanks. The ps4 will undoubtedly have some great exclusives but to say better exclusives at launch is just false.

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Returning to Rapture in Bioshock infinite will be awesome. I remember going back there briefly at the end of Infinite & I wish I had more time to spend there.

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COD 2, Gears of war, Perfect dark zero & Tony Hawk project 8 were the first 360 games I got. Good times.

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Cmon this was planned all along. Just like the guy who "accidentally" forgets the new iPhone prototype in a bar. Planned or not however the guys lucky for getting some hands on with the X1.

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Why even bother getting a ps4 at launch if your not impressed with the games?

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Earth defense force? Really the one where you kill giant bugs? For ps4.

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Burnout please.

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Calm down before you get a nose bleed.

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I think this is just a stunt to build up hype. Its like someone mistakenly loosing their new iPhone. The iPhone that's yet to be announced.

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Yeah the X1 is just sitting there in a glass box.

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I saw a X1 demo at Wallmart the other day. This console really ISN'T as big as some would have you believe. It looked to be about the same size as the original 360. There was a horde of people standing around & you couldn't play it only stare at it which was disappointing for me.

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That's actually really cool.

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Well I'm waiting till March of next year.

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X1 Dead rising 3
Halo 5
Sunset overdrive
Fallout 4
Star wars Battlefront

The order

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He was the definition of an asshole.

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Ok what about the Xbox live arcade games I've downloaded? Not add ons or dlc for 360 games. For instance HD remixes are those still playable?

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Yes only one console would be great for gamers! Sony fanboys, as much as you hate Xbox you need it. You need competition in the business world to get better products. This IS still a business deep down. Monopolies aren't good for anyone.

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The majority of people buying the X1 will never know or care about this years drama.

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Back to WW2. Or if COD won't go back to WW2 than Medal of Honor should. If they ever make another Medal of honor that is.

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