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That's not cook Kev. Not cool.

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@tinybigman Aim lower. That's where I want to punch him.

Can't believe we're relying on these two to get our much needed KZ3 daily fix from a dirty hippy and his stoner buddy. Why the hell isn't CNN covering this? lol

OMG I'm loving the visuals on this game. Hello to all the Halo Reach(around) users out there *waves*. lol

Did you see how many boxes of t-shirst they got. >:|

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Can I have his bubbles? At least I'll say thank you afterwords. *sound of zipper* lol j/k

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Who the hell thought that it would. You can't seriously core game with Kinect....now the PS Move on the other hand is a different story. It will have KZ3, SoCom, Crysis 2 support out the gate. *does happy dance* <---not to be confused with pee-pee dance. :P

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Fuck Eminem this is my new favorite FPS trailer now.

@webeblazing nothing wrong with shooters. I'll just pick the ones that are good and leave the ones that aren't. Problem solved.

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That's marketing for you. Were you just born yesterday?

@Whitto True no disagreements here. But you guys have enough games right? You don't need more do you? ;)

Long live the PS3! >:)

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Who doesn't love naked samples?

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Nothing will ever impact gamers the same way UC2 did. That's the advantage of being the first and everyone else will have to find a new way. I still love playing UC2 SP and MP and will continue as long as there are players(MP) to play against. Their servers are still very much active by the way.

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I could care less. The trash talking part of this event has ended and now it's time to focus on the games and just enjoy. I'm totally satisfied with Sony lineup and that's all that matters. Congrats to Nintendo and good luck to MS.

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Just put in my order. :D

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(she's f**king hot tho)

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Could it be anymore awesome?

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And your source for this "blurry and not very sharp" image besides yourself I mean? Are you sure you had your glasses on at the time? I mean you were there right? No?! So what the hell are YOU talking about?

Will it look better on the 30" 3D set? Of corse it will and that's the point it will look better and more shexy. So don't worry yourself about KZ3 it will look a million times better than anything on any other console. Hope that makes you feel better....

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Can the Xbox go higher than 720p? What current games exceed this level?

"However, when pressed on whether that meant 720p or higher he wouldn't say "We're not talking specifics," he said "But it's significantly higher".

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Video from original source was taken down, mine actually works.

(omg it's a day old, oh no! lol)

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Tried to submit this video but was flagged because it's a duplicate story but this f**king link doesn't work.

Actual working link

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Halo MP....bouncy-bouncy-shoot -shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot - shoot-shoot-shoot-bouncy-bounc y -shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot - shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot- s hoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-s h oot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-sh o ot-shoot-shoot-shoot-bouncy.

UC2: Shoot-chuck a quick granade-slide to cover-shoot over your cover with gun only-jump over cover roll-clime wall-pull player down to his death. pfft! Awesomeness!

Yeah let the video do all the smack tal...

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