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I really liked this game on Dreamcast, but it was challenging to play due to the poor camera. Hopefully this is fixed for the remake

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Exactly. As a family man I have very little time to game on my ps5 so it was mostly mobile gaming before i fell asleep in bed. Now im on my Portal instead, finally getting some playtime on Spider-Man 2. No-brainer purchase for dads/moms with little free time!

***And btw, ZERO LAG and my router is on a different floor!!!

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One of the least informed comments I've ever seen on n4g. Think about that.

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This game is going to be amazing

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Same. Loved the game but those missiles just felt unfair and I never got passed biome 3. And this is coming from someone who finished Bloodborne 5 times and platinum trophy.

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Just in case anyone was wondering about burn-in, I have a 65 inch LG OLED from 2016 with a ton of miles on it and ZERO burn-in.

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Demon's Souls crashed on me twice immediately after i loaded a save. Both times the PS5 required harddrive error repairs, first was external and second was internal. On the second time, my saves were deleted, but luckily my latest saves were on the cloud. Makes me very nervous...maybe next time my system won't start back up? Sony needs to address this immediately.

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Got mine today

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No shipping email from Walmart yet...

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Lol why all the disagress? If it's not supported at launch, I'll still have to use my PS4 for the time being. How anyone can disagree with that is beyond me, but its N4G

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No HBO Max?? Guess I'll have to keep my PS4 connected since it's the only device I own that supports it..

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If you don't think it's worth it, don't buy it. For me, 20 bucks is easily worth it for the upgrades they've made.

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Maybe if it said "twap"

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Oh I'll definitely be getting both, but I'm just more excited for what From Soft does next. Bloodborne is my all time favorite game, Skyrim is certainly in my top 10 though.

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More excited for this than the next Elder Scrolls tbh

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The way people cry in this site, you'd think they have zero jobs.

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Demon's Souls isn't on PS4, so yeah.

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I got one on Hope I'm good to go...

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I think it's mostly the pineapple with this issue. Happened to me many times 😵

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