what is this world coming to?


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Ray Tracing for Audio??? Im So over that Buzz Word now.

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They also said "Luckily, Ubisoft has confirmed that a third-person mode won't be limited to just a small portion of the game because the team wants to be able to fully explore the Dani experience without limitations. " Great option in my book. brings freshness to series.

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wow that would be awesome!! Screw you CdProject Red!

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Wow, Battlefield looks like......Battlefield. what a surprise!

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That game is Bad, metro is not lying. Generic as hell.

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A fraction of Consumers have120hz televisions,and Most dont know about HDMI 2.1. 60FPS is Great. Calm down.

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@keenbean45 Sony got a minority investment in discord. This deal is a little more significant than Microsoft. Read the article.

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Most People arent aware of what a "Roguelite" is. So many people are gonna feel ripped off when they spend 70$ on an action game with an unsual save system.

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Bro we played zombie horror white-guy games a billion times already. Days gone shouldve set itself apart from the rest by not having a generic whiteguy as the protagonist. Wouldve been much more interesting rather than typical.

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Forget FF6 .....CHRONO TRIGGER deserves a remake!!

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Hands on preview.....by PLAYSTATION BLOG.

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Men attracting Women (like your FATHER did) to mate with isnt "creepy" or in poor taste. what the fuck is wrong you young hipsters???

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Not Surprised. Visually, This looks like a ps4 level shooter with dishonored mechanics.

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Last of us 2 was very violent, Ghosts of tsushima had Limb dismemberment. WTF are the people sony thinking??

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Ethan is a generic character. Its yet ANOTHER White Guy at the helm. Same ole Trend youve seen a billion times. downvite away. : )

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The Combat,Story,World,Soundtrack could be perfect but still get a low score because of identity politics. Pronoun warriors are cancer.

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Dont lump progressives into this bullshit. being a progressive isnt about forcing everyone to bow down to arbitrary pronouns. Thats solely a far left liberal issue.

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Polygon didnt to hear the question, "What are your pronouns?" therefore game is a 4/10.

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Now people gonna pretend that all Future AAA titles are gonna aim for 4k120hz for the 2% of consumers who even knows what 2.1 is.

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UBISOFT has been taken over by the pronoun squad. So its no surprise the recent "Controversy" in assassin creed is getting patched. Sanfrancisco pronoun Hipsters love to be the killjoy. https://news.ubisoft.com/en...

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