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Wow what kind of deluded world do you live in? Pandoboy was RIGHT and he got reported for trolling? Christ.

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Im going to feel bad for both you guys when it's announced for the Wii-U as well LOL.

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I'm a console person, I have all 3 major platforms and I was looking into investing in a highend machine-This kind of news doesnt give me confidence in what I'm getting into-so I'd rather save my hard earned cash on something else. 85% is too high a number to shrug off my friend.

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This is why I don't bother with PC gaming-I was actually saving up for a rig so ill be able to play this game...forget that

Only thing pc gamers are masters of is spending uneccessary amounts of money on a machine they'll have to upgrade in a year or two. SMH

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Yea you're right...

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This is rich-If Nintendo makes another Zelda it's "Milking" if Microsoft plans for another three Halo's it's "Giving the fans what they want"

The Hypocrisy of this site is appalling.

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What does Uncharted, GTA, ME have to do with this article? something is seriously wrong with the lot of you since you're so quick to shit on a game you've probably never played-I bet NONE of you have even tried the beta? come on grow UP.

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I dont get it-the real problem here is that if I buy a $600 system Im not allowed to do what I want with it(lets take psn out of the equation for 4 seconds) I mean what comes next? I dont own the shirt on my back? my computer on my desk? the frikken desk isnt mine either?

come on people stop being slaves and wake up and see the fallacy of whats going on here, sony is literally tellings us we dont own the system we BOUGHT from them.

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Music games died when DDR started getting replaced by Guitar hero.

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Yay WII!

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Oh brother.

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I straight disagree and I'm calling it now we are going to see a repeat of the DS and PSP with these two why? because this is nearly the exact same set up as 6 years ago
DS-Touch gimmick
PSP-Better Hardware mimicking the PS2

3DS-3D Gimmick
PSP2-Better hardware mimicking the PS3

You know what they say about history? if nothing is changed its bound to repeat itself.

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Dont worry, remember when the PSP first launched and it was herald as "The end of the DS?"

6 years later I've failed to see this "end"

3DS will do fine-im not too sure about psp2 It might just do as well as the PSP but I doubt it will surpass the 3DS in sales despite all of its nice add ons.

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So was the PSP compared to the DS-and the DS still sold really really well and ended up being the market leader in terms of Hardware AND software

so please..curb your enthusiasm

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I wonder what the list of launch titles will be? or list of titles in general the 3DS already has tons of support from lots of different devs I wonder if its the same for the psp2?

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Begun...The Handheld wars have..

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I agree they tried too hard comparing it to MH..

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I made it onto N4G!!!!!

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I get you bro-I really do-but doesnt that irk you in the least? knowing that you've thrown down YOUR hard earned cash for something thats not totally yours in the end?

come on you're an intelligent dude, Ive read your posts-you cant tell me in the back of your mind your not actually shaking head at all of this?

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