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Most of this stuff is from like 10 years ago and it's just the same "edgy" mess they showed on TV and Movies at the time. The latest one is a quote from Tropic Thunder. It's crazy that this is the type of that stuff that can get you fired now. Obvious hit job, someone just searching his whole account for certain words to get the guy fired.

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I can understand people getting angry about forced censorship, but in this case where it's just an option to have it on or not, I don't see the problem.

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So excited for this. Been waiting for nice One Piece JRPG for ages. The show is perfect for it with all the wildly different islands and locations to visit. New attacks being learned all the time and expanding cast of characters. Can't wait!

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Exactly! This is what most speaking against this article are trying to point out. Every new game with gay people in it doesn't need to be lauded as some amazing thing every time. I mean it is just ordinary now for the majority of people in the US at least. That's how so many gay people claimed they wanted things many years ago, but it seems some never actually wanted ordinary, they wanted to be continuously praised as being special.

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You're awesome for that. Not sure if I ever would have beaten Malekith without Mimic Tear. I definitely needed help with that one, haha.

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I don't get why you and so many other people care how others want to play a game. If they ruin it for themselves it's their fault. And why refuse to look at the other side of things? How do you know that it doesn't improve some people experience of the game and make them a new fan and want to play the game as intended after? But either way, this mod only works in offline mode so it doesn't affect you at all.

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Guessing they want to use this so they can basically cheat the game and still play online without fear of getting banned.

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Yeah, exactly. It's just meme at this point. Each time a new GT comes out, people like to poke a little fun at the crowd. But no one actually cares that the crowd looks a little silly because no one is here for a crowd. It's like a GT community joke for years now, heh. Hell, I wouldn't doubt that Polyphony leaves them like that on purpose at this point, haha. I hope they never change them.

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Really no sense in not making one. Epic needs minimal info to start an account, never need to enter a credit card, open it up each Thursday and add another free game to your library and download/install whenever. I mean who doesn't like free games? Have almost the whole Batman series, GTAV, Watch Dogs 2, Control, probably 60+ other games. Never paid a dime.

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I was thinking the same thing. My old gaming laptop lasted about the same amount of time with higher end games, so I guess I'd already be used to this, heh.

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Definitely! But I would go a step further and say that we should get rid of the sides all together. If everyone was independant, then there would be none of this silly tribalism that this two party system causes.

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Haha. Same here. Came to mention Fuzion Frenzy. Had so much fun battling friends in that game. Then I got to play both 1 and 2 with my kids 15 years later and they had a blast playin too. Good times. They still hold up.

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I figure at that point, anyone who wanted a Switch, already has a Swtich. I really don't think these comparisons matter. People that already have a Switch may also want a Steam Deck. Or people that weren't going to get a Switch anyways may just buy a Steam Deck. I really don't think there's much of a rivalry at this point since Switch as been out for so long already.

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I do the same with each new console that comes out. Even if it doesn't have RRoD type problems, buying later normally means any early bugs are ironed out. Possibly new features, some new games and maybe even a discount. I've been burned on new hardware multiple times in the past so now I wait to see what happens in at least the first 6 months before I actually buy new hardware.

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Come on. I've played newer games at 4K / Ultra or High on slower drives with no issues. This is only going to be playing games at 720p. I'm sure I'll be able to play games straight off an SD drive with no issues either. Not going to bother paying more when I don't need to.

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Ok Publishers. I'll make you a deal. Sell all your games with ads for $30 each instead of $60 or $70 and then I'll deal with your ads. But if you want to keep your games at this $70 price point and still push ads, I'm not buying your games, period.

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I don't see a problem with prison labor as long as it's voluntary. If prisoners are willing to do it and get paid minimum wage to do it so they have money to buy extra things from the commissary or something, then I don't see a problem with it.

But if it's forced prison labor, thats where it becomes messed up and even worse in terrible conditions with zero pay. That's when it becomes slave labor. I think companies should be called out for any kind of f...

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This kind of stuff is exactly why I stopped buying brand new games and consoles years back. Got burnt too many times. I don't mind waiting until all the reviews come out at the very least. Or till there's been updates to games and consoles before I purchase. I know that I'll be getting a superior product later on, and I normally don't have to pay full price at that point either so it's a win win.

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Yeah, I think this is the problem I had. I was fine on console when I would just go a game or two at a time. But I finally put together a new PC that could play most the newer games out there and with a huge list of all those free games I aquired over time from Epic Games Store, bunch of stuff on Steam and older games to install again. I think it was just the sheer amount of choices that screwed me for a little while.

I wanted to play a game, then I go to scroll through ...

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