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Looks cool

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Ill take anything than nothing, 👍

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People are stating the obvious bruh and no I don't owen a nintendo console or ever did in my life, just open ur eyes look at the freaking pictures, ps4 does look washed out for some reason.

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Every time I read something about this game everybody's over hyping it, is the same damn game as the first one, just overpriced dlc.

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was thinking the same thing LOL

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Just except the fact that ps4 won this gens console war and move with life, the chances of xbox coming back its( spoiler alert) same as Tupac being alive(I know shocking)

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its scary how desperate Xbox fans are to see Scorpio succeed, without knowing anything about the system except that some guy talking about it and not one official spec to be found. You all know what happen when X360 got released a year ahead of PS3, exactly the same thing its gonna happen to Scorpio, this time in favor to $ony. Just except the fact that M$ lost this battle to $ony. We'll see what happens with the next gen console.

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This is not even worth the comment, are u seriously stating that. How is it that u believe on something that doesn't have an official spec sheet, or anything else for that mater. Ur true 4K xbox speculation is on the same category as someone believing on a unicorn, people talk about them but no one knows anything more then their name. So seriously u sound F#cking ignorant in that moment.

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Its only going on with all LG 4K tv's, same is happening to me since I have an LG, I called LG and they said they are aware of the problem and their engineers are working on the problem, for some reason all LG 4K tv's are not compatible with PS4 PRO and an update is due within the next two weeks to fix the compatibility issue.

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bet ya anything that he's a xbox fan boy pretending to switch to xbox lol, 90 percent of that shit he's saying doesn't make sense and this video its pointless.

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I bought TF2 on Friday and I'm loving every moment of it, got BF1 as well and really like too, but I'm seeing my self playing TF2 a lot more then Bf1, personally I can't understand people being skeptic about buying this game just because some guy said that it might not sell as good as expected, in my opinion this game offers much more then COD ever will, and the number one of all the reasons to buy this game is that u don't have to pay additional for season pass and DLC's,...

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this is all talk and no action, this is becoming really boring.

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